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Apply: YouTube FC

The Application Form for YouTube FC.
Started on 18 November 2016 by basham97
Latest Reply on 21 November 2016 by ryvenyesaya
basham97's avatar Group basham97
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Hey Everyone,

I am starting a YouTube video series in which I will be creating a club full of players from the comments of FMScout and the Reddit page. The whole premise of this series is for a save in which we can all enjoy and interact together to try and get YouTube FC to the Premier League! I will need your tactic advice and selection choice, I will be asking for suggestions on them when the time comes (probably at the end of every video). The YouTube channel in which every game will be broadcasted on will be Basham Games. The Application Form is down below. Please copy and paste the form and fill out the details. Unfortunately, it will be first come first serve. Which means the first 25 people from both Reddit and FMScout will be included in the squad. The application process will end within 3 days (21st of November) and the first YouTube video will be released on the 23rd of November, and it will feature a FM Scout post as well with details I may have missed in the video. Anyway, I hope you all wish to participate as it will be an awesome community project and be very entertaining to watch. I wish you all a good day and hopefully see you in training!

TIP: It is easy to pick a position that is offensive orientated such as the ST or a winger. However, most participants may be choosing this position also. To avoid conflict and confrontation about who starts, look through some of the posts and pick a different position to get more game time.

Position (only 1):
20 rated attribute (only 1):
15 rated attribute (only 3):
Preferred Player Move (only 1):

In terms of other attributes, they will be completely randomized from a scale of 1-14.
Name:Aaron Murray
Position (only 1):Right Back
Nationality: Irish
Height: 6ft/186 cm
Weight: 69kg/152 lbs
20 rated attribute (only 1):Pace
15 rated attribute (only 3): Stength,Tackling,Acceleation
Preferred Player Move (only 1): Switches ball to other flank
Name:Tiago Leal
Position (only 1):Center Mid
Nationality: Portuguese
Height: 179 cm
Weight: 68 Kg
20 rated attribute (only 1):Pass
15 rated attribute (only 3): decisions, creativity, teamwork
Preferred Player Move (only 1): dictates tempo
Name: John Warrington
Position (only 1): ST
Nationality: English
Height: 190
Weight: 70
20 rated attribute (only 1):Finishing
15 rated attribute (only 3): Composure, First Touch, Stamina
Preferred Player Move (only 1): Places shots
Name: Sanggam Ryven
Position (only 1): CM
Nationality: Indonesia
Height: 181
Weight: 77
20 rated attribute (only 1): Passing
15 rated attribute (only 3): Vision, First Touch, Stamina
Preferred Player Move (only 1): Comes Deep To Get Ball

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