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Minimum release clauses wrong and so too are the Sale Values

Started on 22 December 2016 by azabetts
Latest Reply on 9 January 2017 by player12345
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FIrst off I want to say I love Genie scout and have donated towards the "Pro version" for the past 4 years roughly.

But I'm having problems with more things being incorrect than ever on this years version and realistically can only use it to scout a players position/CA/CP as anything to do with a players value is simply wrong.

An example of the sale values is that a player on genie has a sale value of £2.6 mil...yet when i offer that, they return with a counter offer saying that they want 99mil? I'd understand if it was like up to 5 mil wrong but we're talking about over 95 mil difference which kind of makes the sale value column pointless.

Also this years genie is showing completely incorrect realse clauses for example Gerard pique has a minimum release clause of £6,410 according to genie sim but in game his release clause is £24 mil.

These problems are making genie sim pretty useless in my opinion. The whole point of a scouting system is to show the players that fit your team in terms of CA/CP and if they fit into your team/tactic granted, however one of the biggest parts is making sure that you can actually afford them which is where it is big time lacking right now which is such a shame :/
totally agree, the min release clause on genie is a total FAIL, its never worked since the release of FM 17, Whats going on genie??

also the shortlist why have an option to save them, when you cant even open them in game?

yet ANOTHER total fail
coming up to 2 weeks later and still no reply,

got to feel sorry for those people who actually paid for this "non WORKING" TOOL

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