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Just can't get promoted!

Started on 29 December 2016 by ajwyeahhh
Latest Reply on 29 December 2016 by Rui de Rui
Hi all,

Seeking advice for the very first time.

Never had problems in the past, but on FM17 I just can't get promoted.

I often build good teams, not the best but good enough to go up. Last year I had the top scorer for example.

I tend to start well, be top or around top by christmas, but the second half of the season my form drops off, quite significantly. Sometimes I scrape playoffs and inevitably lose the first two legs and sometimes finish just outside.

I started with Poole in Conference South and then moved to Bristol Rovers, on 4 completed seasons I can't get anyone promoted. I've taken a few coaching badges (up to continental C).

Anything I do in the 2nd half of the season doesn't work, change formation, different lineups etc. Pick up a few wins here and there but never good form really.

I don't want to download a tactic as that feels a bit like cheating but does anything have any idea how to solve this? I keep getting offered good jobs but I would like to achieve promotion somewhere!

Thanks in advance
I feel like the key to mastering FM since the 16 edition is patience. It's good that you at least finish the seasons and not start new saves after being frustrated like I used to do. Maybe the dip in form arises from overconfidence which might have come about with your good form before the dip. Try managing team talks better by limiting praise to prevent overconfidence, or have a slightly tinkered version of your main tactic as teams (AI) might have gotten used to it.

You too feel like downloading tactics is cheating? Great to know.

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