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New FM17 update makes Genie Scout 17g incompatible

Started on 10 January 2017 by Zkib
Latest Reply on 4 March 2017 by Genie
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Since this year is my first time using Genie Scout, I was wondering how long it usually takes for an update to make this great program compatible again with the latest FM version?

same here, any frequent user knows how long it takes normally?

btw, anyone knows if the ones who have the g version get notified by mail when the update is available?

thanks and best regards!

For a few hours my version of GENIE no longer works.
Is that normal?
When will the update be available?

Thank you,
Stam wrote this on the Genie Scout page:

"I'm aware there's a new patch 17.2.1 and I've already messaged Eugene about it. I haven't heard back from him yet (probably still at work), but normally he can prepare such updates within a day or less. This applies to both Genie Scout editions, g and public. "

Good to hear.
Hello Guys,

As most of you have noticed, the latest FM update (17.3.0) has been released.
As Steam as automatically updated the game, I was surprised to see that FM Scout no longer works (since I am in the middle of a transfer window, it's kind of a problem.. I guess you know what I feel :D)

Is there any chance FM Scout will be updated in the upcoming days?

Thanks a lot for your answer and great work!

Ads-free version compatible with 17.3 patch is available now, you will receive e-mail notification soon. Regular version will be available in few weeks once all the reported issues are closed.
Hi Genie,
how can i get the ads-free version compatible with 17.3 patch available now?
You can get ads-free version by supporting GS with few dollars here :)

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