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FC Emmen - Holland's New Glory

Winning with only the greatest country in the world
Started on 28 March 2017 by Michael
Latest Reply on 13 April 2017 by Michael

It was a slow day in the forests around Emmen. Even with the weather up in the high twenties, there were no girls in bikini's, and that was a disappointment. I decided to call my buddy Nico. "Hey Nico, I need something to do, and no guy this time. I'd like to have a bit more work this time than a 5 minute job." On the other end of the line Nico was smiling. "I think this will be more of a challenge, and it will take a bit more time before you can finish this one." "OK, cool, where do we meet?"

About 30 minutes later I was waiting in Barger-Oosterveld, before I got picked up by Nico. When he came driving in his Fiat 500, he honked, and I stepped in. "Well, what is this about?" Nico had a devilish grin on his face, and said "Remember when we jokingly talked about that you could do a better job at FC Emmen? I talked to the director and it is time to do exactly that"

You could have a whale drop from the sky, Jennifer Lopez could be farting flowers, Putin would come out as Gay, or NASA could have found extra-terrestial life, and I still wouldnt be more surprised or shocked to hear those words come out of the mouth of Nico Koolen. After a few beers we were always reflecting the bad performerances of the only proffessional club in this state, but damn, I didnt expect that he was able to arrange this. Welps, Its time to man up and face this challenge.
Great start mate.
Great start and that is a nice banner. I can't wait to see you Make Holland Great Again!! Lol

I was walking in just a small T-shirt with the Linkin Park Logo on it, and shorts with a Hawaian print on it, as we were stepping into the stadium. Walking to the reception, I was thinking that this was probably the most stupid decision I had ever done, taking in account that I once watched lived a game of Ajax, and that I was friends with Trump before he became president.

"This way please, Mister de la Parra, the director is ready to see you" I almost broke out in nervous sweat. Why do they want me? I have 0 experience, the closest I have been to the field was when I played on it 15 years ago, and I aint even older than most of the players? I don't own a car, I don't know all the player, to be fair I haven't even kicked a ball for fun in 9 months. How could I possibly the best pick out of any candidate.

"Hello, De la Parra, or shall I call you Mike?" The director stood up and shook my hand. "You are probably very surprised that we invited you to come here, and talk to us. The fact that you came here to talk, is enough confirmation that you are interested in this job. We have just 1 question for you, where do you see FC Emmen in 10 years?"

Well, this sure was unexpected. Not the fact that he was considering me. What was unexpected is that he saw me managing this club for 10 seasons? After a short while of thinking, I grabbed my mug of coffee, leaned back in the chair I was sitting, took a sip, and casually said: "Well, winning the league with only Dutch players, and being in the Champions league to bugger everyone who will meet."

"Perfect, How does 1200 a week sounds to you?"

"What?" I explaimed perplexed
Excellent update and love the description of the shorts and shirt you were wearing. It was easy to visualize.
Great Start mate FC EMMEN FTW !

I was sitting at my shiny new desk. The director ordered it from the IKEA website, so I first had to put it all together, and had a few screws left, but I did have a new desk. Looking over the teamsheet for the first leaguegame, I was happy that I had some new additions to the team. I may not be able to win this league, but I sure as hell plan to finish top 5.

After getting the job, I though long and hard about how we could get this club forward. After seeing the rules I must comply to, I decided that we could go on with the plan for only Dutch players at the club. It would make communications easier, and we could get the National team back on track. So I looked at my parent team, which I hated, and bought some of their talents to our team.

One last look before I left my office to go to the dressingroom for our first match, I watched towards the framed shorts on the wall. Hawaiian. White and Yellow. Just above the knees. And with a huge tear in them, about 20 cm long. Yeah, not where you think where it was about, it was from jumping in the air, outside the stadium, after I got the job. Well, Time to earn my money.

Doke Schmidt will become a legend
Fantastic reading and Im gripped already

Dear Diary. Just kidding, I dont have I dairy. Left that shit in Northern Ireland with all the filth safely tucked away beneath the gold pot at the end of the rainbow. good luck finding that. I found my own goldpot here. My new LW is going beastmode straight from the start. Pepijn Veerman really is doing his job, being bought after I saw my leftwing needed some extra punch to drive me forward.

After all this was a pretty good month, Off course we started off in the worst way possible with a 3-0 loss against Excelsior. Hell, I always was as angry as Trump when he saw he didnt could repeal Obamacare. Luckily the Director came and told me I was still doing a better job than Blind.

After that we started winning. First a 4-1 win against Helmond Sport, but I was still bummed with Van Anholt and Van la Parra who were just being shitty. So I put in Doke Schmidt and went searching for a new LW. I didnt expect Veerman to be such a boost to our team. First a 3-1 win against FC Den Bosch, where he scored one. After that he decided to go all out against Go Ahead Eagles where he had his first hattrick in a 5-0 win. 2 times MOTM in 2 games, thats damn good.

Well, and now we just finished the 5th and last match of this month. Im probably gonna need to give Veerman some extra foodstamps so he can get a few extra Burgers in our cafeteria. With those performerances he is doing he is nothing short of being our Messi, only taller, and less technical. Or should I say our Suarez, as he is as deadly, as aggressive. Or maybe I just should give them all a Pizzaday, as they are playing better and better. But no pineapple. We are not savages.

The results of August:

And the man with 6 goals in 3 matches, bought for just 350k:
Great results so far
Great story. The stats on Veerman are brilliant
Good Luck hope you can succeed in these goals

P.s I will never cheer for Rajiv Van la Parra so hopefully he wont make the grade and some1 else steps up for you instead :)
Rajiv van la Parra will make the cut. He has to :P
Not a bad start to your career at all.

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