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fast strikers

Started on 14 January 2010 by _Man_u_barmy_army_
Latest Reply on 18 January 2010 by x-law
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At benefica curently in one of my seasons the majority of my playes up front are fast, but having two fast strikers isn't as produtive as one strong one, and one fast one, whatplayer roles can solve this? or slight changes to player instructions.
You can try to play them either as Trequartists or Poachers. I have noticed that both work with fast strikers, but the second is much better, they are more productive (goal-machines).

I used to have the same problem with the target strikers, but I saw that a target striker as a poacher can have satisfying results. However, I do not use them, I always use fast stikers.
yeah poachers seem to work alongside of my tall striker, but don't think you could use 2 poachers unless using a free roam playmaker and wingers.

can you not afford to buy a tall striker?
I have Caradzo who is a beast in front of goal, but he got injured then got injured in his 1st comeback in the reserves game. other than that its the 3rd season mind u:


they are the other strikers, and I need two roles tha work well together, as fast strikers in a 4-4-2... so does trequarista, and poacher work well together, or is there a better combination?
I play a 4-2-4, where the 2 midfielders are set to advanced playmaker and ball winning, 2 wingers and 2 poachers up front.

I noticed that the tall strikers (target strikers) do not fit well in my current setup, as they do not score as many goals as the fast strikers, so I prefer buying only fast strikers.

However, I played one year with Tottenham, (prior installing the 10.2 patch) a 4-4-2 with target & fast strikers upfront, and worked perfectly, but apart from this case, I have tried it in both Liverpool and Leverkusen and I did not have satisfying results.
So is it best to play two poachers? one supporting the other?
Since it works well, why should I change it?
I play 4-2-3-1

Though it sounds like one striker, I play a fast n creative striker in my AMC position. And another fast, good finisher as ST.

Now, I play as Sunderland, and my first team options are Ebi Smolarek (a free agent!) in AMC and Frazier Campbell in ST.

My ST is an advanced forward and my AMC is an inside forward, both with attack duty.

Supported by two more inside forwards in the wings. And two deep lying plamakers at DMCs with support duty.

For width, I rely on my wingbacks, who have more freedom to go forward, thanks to my two DMCs for covering them.

Now, Man_U_barmy_army, if you adopt this, make sure that -
- AMC is creative, pacey, has good finishing and passing...
- ST is pacey, has good Off the ball, finishing and decisions... Here, decisions is important because my striker is bombarded with through balls from the rest five creative players, so you need someone who wont be offsided too often. My best finisher is Bent, but he "likes to try and beat offside trap", which he never does, and I felt him as a near-complete-waste. So, I tried Campbell and got good results.

Now, when adopting this style, please make sure that you get the combination right. I'll recommend two DMCs, one may work, but having no DMC may be suicide.

Good luck, Man_U_barmy_army
_Man_u_barmy_army_ : At benefica curently in one of my seasons the majority of my playes up front are fast, but having two fast strikers isn't as produtive as one strong one, and one fast one, whatplayer roles can solve this? or slight changes to player instructions.

I wouldn't suggest going with double poachers unless you have an AMC set as your support link from midfield. I tried out a double poacher lineup with my current team to take advantage of their pace, but didn't like the results. A lot of times they would get isolated in the final third of the pitch without anyone to link to them.

I switched the more technical and better passer of the two as an advanced playmaker on support to help, and it did a little bit. My poacher benefitted from having someone to help set him up on attacks, but the two of them still seemed to get cut out by better defenses.

It wasn't until I altered my formation and added an AMC on support duty that my offense really started flowing better. With two guys to support the poacher - the AMC on support and the advanced playmaker also on support - it's a lot easier to break down even the best of defenses.
I used to play 4-3-1-2. However, in the FM2009, I noticed that when the opponents played with 1 or 2 DMCs, the amc was struggling to make an impact, same happens to FM2010, unless your AMC is a very good player, (i.e. I used Gerrard with L'pool as a trequartista AMC and scored in every game), in some games it will appear that you play with a players less.

Therefore in order to overcome this problem, I changed my preferred tactics to 4-2-4 and playing with 2 poachers upfront, one advance playmaker set to attack and a ball winning midfielder set to support, plus the attacking wingers and I have no problems.

*However, note that when you selecting the role for the players, then the required stats are highlighted, so you can see whether this role is suitable for the player.
If you've got a fast striker combo, you need either wingers or an AMC to feed them the ball. Give the wingers more creative space and mix up their crossing position and aim. For the AMC free role with through balls would pretty much be the standard work. If you want the two strikers to work together though, have the person with better creativity between the two to play through balls. Tip: if they keep losing the ball or dribble into tight spaces where they can't play, decrease the dribble with ball and don't take long shots.

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