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Some help with tactics in National Conference.

Tactics, Custom Teams
Started on 28 May 2017 by StillJakeLad
Latest Reply on 26 June 2017 by DMstratz
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Hello all,

I recently started playing FM17. Prior to this, the last time I played was 99/00. Obviously, the game has gotten complex to a point whereby it's unrecognizable to me. To get round this I used plug in and play tactics. I have just discovered the create a team mode. I wanted to create my own play style for my own team. I replaced the side expected to finish 17th in the Vanarama Conference League. My media prediction after randomizing my starters was around 6th I think. Results are average. They began well, but now I'm definitely noticing a decline. Whilst I'm not having an awful season so far, I just want to make sure I haven't designed a system which just doesn't work. Any help would be really appreciated.

[img] [/img]

My basic idea behind the player roles were to have no nonsense back four with a deeper line. However, I had a right back who seemed more comfortable going forward. I also thought that having at least one of the four on a supporting role would create a link up between the defense and midfield.

My midfielders are compromised of two wingers as I am playing long balls to the flanks. I've not done anything too fancy in the center as I don't really have the players for it. Since I'm trying to play ultra defensive having a deeper center half that could win the ball was a priority for me.

Finally, my strikers are a deep lying forward to link up with midfield and a poacher to get on the end of any of the crosses coming from either side.

[img] [/img]

As you can probably see, I am trying to play ultra defensive, frustrating football. As I'm in lower leauges I didn't trust the attributes of my players to be given more freedom in their roles. So is anything directly contradicting with this system? Are there any reasons why it simply wont work long term?

Also, I have a couple of general questions;
  • How often should I be changing tactics, should I simply make three and alternate between them depending on who I'm playing?
    • How important is setting new training before each matches? Should these always be different?

    • Thank you for any advice in advance.
so just looking at your instructions, you have to remember that these players in the National League are going to have low ability. you've given them a lot of instructions to follow and they have low player intelligence compared to say premier league players.

My advice would be to simplify the instructions a lot more to maybe 4/5 instructions. The players you bring in should be focused on core stats like Pace, Stamina, Strength. Like Sunday league football

Physical stats are key!

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