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FC Linkoping City | Up & Coming

Fourth-tier Swedish club from Linkoping, Sweden has been held back by a lack of ambition from the clubs President and Board. New manager Davey Allen hopes to change that.
Started on 4 June 2017 by DaveyAllen
Latest Reply on 5 June 2017 by Sudbury
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FC Linkoping City

Bottom of the Swedish ladder, FC Linkoping City sit near and dear to my heart. One of my teammates from my high school days is currently their starting keeper and a big reason why, at the time of writing this, they’re top of the table in real life! Unfortunately, my pal isn’t in the game for one reason or another, but nonetheless, if you’re reading this Mike… you’ve inspired this career and story!


Welcome, all! My name is Davey Allen. Recently, I’ve concluded my playing career and have decided to continue my footballing studies, and begin a new journey in the sport, managing. Although I’ve never managed, nor played professionally, I’ve pulled some strings and reached out to some contacts around the world and have been offered a role at a small club in the south of Sweden, slightly south-west of Stockholm. It’s a very small, part-time club, quite pleasant stadium, terrible training facilities, decent squad all around, and, from what I can tell from first impressions, not the most ambitious in looking to further the club onto higher divisions. Hailing form the fourth tier of Swedish football, it’s certainly not in my competitive nature to sit as bottom-dwellers!

Seeing as I’ve joined just after a few pre-season matches, I don’t have as much time as I’d like to get the squad to fully appreciate and understand my lofty ambitions for this club, as well as the tactics and methods in which we will utilize to achieve these goals. With four friendlies remaining, we were able to come away with a positive result from all four, after losing the three before I took charge.

In this offseason, I didn’t see it necessary, nor possible with the lack of investment, to splurge on several signings. With our first team looking quite solid, and capable of a promotion spot in our first year together, I’ve only decided to bring in one reserve keeper to take the starting spot for the reserves, and hopefully put pressure on the first team with some time. Welcome to the club, my first signing, for free, Alaa Hashem!

This offseason also saw some departures of minor staff roles. We’ve brought in a HoYD, a new Chief Physio, a Chief Scout, and one additional first team coach to fill the necessary roles with the remaining wage budget. Welcome to the club, all staff!

Second Division, SS:

Going into the season can be quite nerve-wracking, especially considering the small amount of time I’ve had at the club. We’re all still adjusting to the climate of a new manager and staff, getting to know each other. We have worked together in training and have developed a system of play, and I think we’re all on the same page now, gunning for that first promotion spot.

Our first month saw us take a 2-2-1 start, certainly not setting the world alight, however these results did drop us somewhere near the top of the table, in fourth, to start the season off. Certainly, could have been worse, however we are still fine-tuning our tactics and positions, as well as establishing a steady first XI. The lone defeat to IFK AT, was certainly disappointing, and I’ve let the lads know after that one.

Certainly, could have been worse in the month of may, however we are still fine-tuning our tactics and positions, as well as establishing a steady first XI. The lone defeat to IFK AT, was certainly disappointing, and I’ve let the lads know after that one.

Going deeper into the season, our tactics and steady starting lineup were on point! We’ve hit a prosperous goal mine, scoring eleven in a run of four games and managing not to lose!

The month of July saw us continue our hot streak, and putting us in the second spot in the table, continuing our run for promotion! The only loss here coming to Varmbols after a red card to our main center back. The big win to note here, IF Sylvia, also hoping for a promotion spot, falling 2-0, from a splendid display at the back!

With our scheduling tightening up due to a couple Swedish Cup matches, a few injuries were accumulated, most notably, our star striker Dinko Felic was injured for a few months with a knee issue. Fortunately enough, the win over second place Eskilstuna kept us even on points on the final day of the season, despite picking up only one point from our last three matches. Up the LC go, tied on points, ahead on goal differential!

Our main team of the year:

Conclusion of Season:

Unfortunately, the president and board of the club still cannot envision the possibility of lofty ambitions for our club. I’ve been turned down on various requests due to financial strictness or lack of desire to improve. Luckily for us, the term of our president Tuncay Yuksel as concluded this year and he has expressed his desire to part ways and not run for reelection. I can only hope the replacement president will be more willing to invest in this club of the future.

I’m ecstatic at the promotion. Having finished 2nd the last two years, it was about time some change at this club took place. My tactics have succeeded and the club seems to be going in the right direction. Hopefully, for the club, the fans, and for my career we can continue this momentum, with the help of reinforcements, continue to shape the squad into a top-tier Swedish powerhouse!
Welcome to FM Scout and congrats on the promotion
Thank you!!!
Really in depth start man, a good read and best of luck to you!
Woah! Thank you so much! I've never written a story like this before, I've started reading a lot of the popular ones here recently and would like to adapt more of a story line. I suppose I'm looking for more feedback than anything for now. Thanks again!
A very strong first season in charge, promotion is fantastic! Hopefully more success is to follow in the next season!
A fine start to the story - love a good in-depth introduction to set the scene :D

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