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Iraklis FC: The Road Back To Glory

Started on 16 June 2017 by Nikos_Rov21
Latest Reply on 21 June 2017 by Nikos_Rov21
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Nikos_Rov21's avatar Group Nikos_Rov21
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Savvas Pantelidis and Iraklis FC part ways

Today, Savvas Pantelidis said goodbye to his squad and Iraklis' fans as he left the club

Savvas Pantelidis,the manager of Iraklis FC gave an interview before leaving the club.During this interview he stated:I love this club, but i can't stay under these conditions.I hope this club succeeds,even if i'm not gonna be here managing it.

Iraklis FC is certainly not in a good state right now.Bad management, financial difficulties, players not getting paid, and other problems haven't let the club become how it used to be.

It also has to be stated that even if now Iraklis FC is considered a small Greek club, it used to be one of the biggest clubs in Greece.Actually, the club has won 2 Thessaloniki Champions (pre-Greek Superleague), 5 ESPM Championships(also pre-Greek Superleague), 1 Greek Cup and 1 Balkans Cup.They were also many times in the top five in the Greek Superleague, 3 times Runners up, 4 times Runners up for the Greek Cup and 6 times for the ESPM Championship.BUT, is there someone that can take them back to those heights?Is there someone that can take them Back to Glory?
Good luck, hopefully you can be the one to take them back to glory!
Nikos_Rov21's avatar Group Nikos_Rov21
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Nick Rov: The chosen one

Nick has officially become the new Iraklis FC manager

After a lot of consideration the administration has decided to appoint Nick Rov as the new Iraklis FC manager. A bold move from the board of the club considering Nick doesn't have a lot of experience as a manager and is only 20(!) years old.Actually, Iraklis FC is his first job as a manager.This has started a civil war between the fans of the club with some supporting Nick Rov and saying that he at least deserves a chance at the Kaftantzoglio Stadium and the others disapproving this decision and saying that he is too young and inexperienced to make the club as big as it used to be.

In his first interview he was asked if he could help the team avoid the drop and in the long term make Iraklis FC a great club again."It's a shame that this club isn't how it used to be.It's a shame that it is considered a small team.It's a shame that this team is just a relegation candidate every single year.But WE are gonna change that over time.Even though there are some financial difficulties I'm not gonna let that affect me or my players!" he replied passionately.

What does the next day have in store for Nick Rov and Iraklis FC?We're going to have to wait to find out.
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Iraklis FC: Pre-Season Overview

Iraklis FC had a pretty average Pre-Season

Iraklis' Pre-Season certainly wasn't the best it could have been but definitely wasn't the worst as well.Nick Rov's side had some really good results as well as some humiliating ones.In these Pre-Season games he tested the 4-2-3-1 as well as the 4-4-2.Iraklis FC also managed to sign a player who is an useful addition to the squad.

1-6 v Spartak Moscow
E. Perrone(51)
A humiliating defeat for Iraklis FC even if they were against such a big team and fans as well as the board hope this match was not a sign
of things to come

0-2 v Young Boys
A loss from a bigger team with a respectable score and some positives to take from the game.

1-1 v Schweinfurt
A match that could have been won if it wasn't for a screamer from Jelisic at the 82nd minute.

1-3 v Bachbuch
Barettas(7,11,pen 43)
An easy win as Iraklis' side starts picking up some form for the next matches with the highlight of the match being the hat-trick for the 22 year-old, Argyris Barettas.

3-3 v Unterhaching
Kiomoutzoglou(o.g 6), Kyriakidis(9), Monteiro(52)
A match with some positives to take(attacking) and some negatives(defending).

0-2 v Bayreuth
Leozinhio(pen 61), Monteiro(90+2)
S. Bartolini(7,5)
This win will probably give the players of Iraklis motivation for the first match of the season and make them feel more confident on the pitch.

The signing

The player that Iraklis FC brought in is Juan Henandez.He is an argentinian Defensive Midfielder (DM) and has some potential.In an interview, Nick Rov said that "he is an addition for the future".

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