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Strikers bad ratings unless scoring

My doesnt seem to be getting balls forward to striker
Started on 8 July 2017 by TOOSH1888
Latest Reply on 16 July 2017 by Siafu
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]My strikers seem to be getting very poor ratings unless they are scoring goals. very rarely does my striker achieve higher than 6.5 rating when they dont score in a game.

I done some stats research and it seems my team arnt passing the ball to my striker very often. I probably shouldnt be complaining as im still winning games and im currently on a winning streak of 8 games.

I was currently using my own tactic so tried downloading a version that was similar to mine and went with hawekeys 4231

im currently playing with liverpool.

have attached photos of team line up and team instruction with game stats

In the game against city I changed team instruction as seen in team instructions pic

any advice would be greatly appreciated

me too, cant fathom it out at all. they are either red hot or utterly useless
Its a pain in the ass. I have tried changing tactics but just seems that my players don't want to pass it forward to him. When you check the stats of other team their strikers had 32 passes. I know when you play 1 up top he is going to get isolated at times but surly when your team has 64% possession in games your striker has more passes than 3 in the first half.
Sometimes it comes down to the player, but they're other factors 2. It'd help if you could show your instructions, but based the team selection they're a few problems. You're playing 2 inside forwards(attack) which will most likely end up as having 2 or even 3 strikers most times. This means they won't necessarily use him as a goal outlet, very much like Ronaldo and Benzema, Ronaldo is the outlet and most of his assists can fall down to his position on the wing at times, but generally Benzema acts as a Complete forward support or a False 9 so he can get more of the ball while scoring as well but so he and Ronaldo can combine. In your case i'd put the inside forwards on a leash and make both or one just be on support so that the other two will get the goals. If you don't want to use Sturridge as your main outlet then give him a support duty or change his role, this will most definitely get your striker a higher rating and more goals and assists.

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