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Why Are Dota 2 Players so Toxic?

Here are a couple of reasons why Dota 2 players are so dang toxic.
Started on 20 February 2018 by lisacarter1997
Latest Reply on 20 February 2018 by lisacarter1997
If you play Dota 2, then you know that its community hosts some of the most vile and foul-mouthed human beings to ever exist on earth!
The question is, what compels these people to act such a way?
Although there's no 1 particular reason as to why, here's a list of what I think causes some Dota 2 players to act the way that they do:


A noob is someone that has yet to fully understand the mechanics of a game and one who is still in the learning process; basically a beginner. You were one at some point, you just got better through constant playing. But some people tend to use the word in a more insulting manner.

It's actually quite sad to see that just about everyone throws this word around just so they can hurt another player's pride.
You can call a person noob as much as you want, it won't stop the fact that he or she isn't gonna become an expert at the game just by hurdling that one word over and over in the chat box.
What's awful is that even if you're a highly skilled player, people will still call you a noob if you make on little mistake. I can't count how many times I've been called this just because my team got wiped clean. Worst part? I had nothing to do with it!
So you know what? Don't call a struggling player a noob and help that person instead! You'll be thanked and there's a possible commendation for your effort; much better than getting a report for communication abuse.

Intentional Throwing

If the word "throw" is new to you, then here's an example:

You, your team, and the opposition are all down for the count and only one person on your end is left standing. You're on the verge of winning the match and the only thing this person needs to do is destroy the enemy ancient. Naturally, you and your teammates expect this person to go straight for the objective as there's literally nothing standing in his/her way.

So what does this person do?

Instead of going for the win, he/she decides that now would be a good time to get back at everyone for being called a noob by doing absolutely nothing! This then results in your enemies respawning, your base being destroyed, and you and your team losing the match while continuously berating this person for intentionally costing everyone the game.

This is way too common and it's a problem that should be stopped. If you're going to play like this, then it's best not to play at all. Also, to those of you who create these type of people with your uncontrollable mouths, it's better if all of you just shut up, play the game, and work together as a team.

Players Ending Up in the Wrong Server

There's a reason why Valve optimized the game to choose the server where you have the least amount of ping. And yet, there are still people who think it's such a great idea to play in other servers because of reasons like wanting to see how other regions play Royal Vegas or just to mess with other matches.

This is something that I can understand everyone getting mad at as there's no reason for anyone to play in a server that they're not optimized to play in. Doing this will just end up costing others a good match, so please don't be that guy.

The Chat Box and Player Mics

Do you want to hear someone blasting loud and obnoxious music for an entire game? Do you want to see someone comment on why you're so bad at playing? Then play a normal or ranked match and see what you're missing out!

I'm sure that I'm not the only one who had to to through people who abuse these features. But it's not all bad, Valve was kind enough to give us that oh-so-sweet option to mute these players! Never again do we have to listen or read whatever it is that could throw us off our game!

...Is what I would like to say, but there's one problem with this. If a player were to think that it's better to mute everyone before the start of every match, then he/she might end up giving away the win to the enemy. There are still players out there who try their best to communicate properly with their team, and it won't help if one of their teammates can't even hear or listen to whatever it is they have to say.

So don't touch those mute buttons just yet! See how your team communicates first and do it only if you see large signs of toxicity.

Constant Pinging

Pinging in Dota 2 is a great way to signal someone about oncoming danger, if there's a good power up nearby, or if he/she needs to run back to base to heal up! It's quick, easy, and takes away the hassle of typing things out!

Unfortunately, people think this is a great feature to annoy the ever living hell out of everyone.

There have been so many instances where I take part in a team fight, run away because my health was too low, and get pinged repeatedly for not helping! I couldn't do anything as my both my health and mana were nearly gone and I didn't want to give away an easy kill to my opponents. Yet these people pinged me for not fighting till I die and for thinking that I was simply a coward or an idiot!

The worst part? You can't mute pings! So these people can just keep spamming the damn thing until your ear bleeds.
If you ever hear that constant pinging noise, do yourself a favor and just turn down your computer's volume all the way to zero.


Dota 2 can be fun, but toxic players are always going to try and ruin it for everyone. Don't be these people and instead, do what you can to help others enjoy the game! Work with your team, help each other out, be respectful, and remember to play to the best of your abilities.

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