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Which one is more important?

Started on 27 February 2010 by timor boxer
Latest Reply on 10 March 2010 by rooney78
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Hello guys,

I really coulnd't find out which property is more important in genie scout.

1. Current/Potential Ability
2. Best Rating/Best Potential Rating
3. Attributes

Shall I pick one of the 3 property above to ensure a player's success or combine all of them in one player? Does anyone have an idea about this issue?
this question has been asked many times mate.

success is never guaranteed just because a player has decent ability or decent rating either. even if a player has good ability, good rating and good attributes... nothing is certain. you'll have to try the player in your own team and see for yourself.

however, it is common sense that a player with decent rating (current, let's say over 65% for lower competitions and over 70-75% for top class ones) and good attributes at consistency (to have consistent match ratings), important matches (usually combined with pressure), injury proneness (how often he's likely to get injured), pressure (if team is playing above expectations or he's wanted by bigger teams) and adaptability (if he's likely to feel country sick)... and depending on his position (target or fast) his height, strength, stamina, balance, positioning, pace, off the ball and dribbling... well, it's a win-win anyway.
I shall do the same question...but i think about it and i realized the most important is number 2,"Best rating\best potential rating",of course,for a specific role.

If you see a team,when you press "best 5 teams",the program choose the players that have the high level for that position.Don't think is a coincidence.And maybe the RATING is the result of attributes and current ability.


PS: Sorry for my bad English.
I thought have thought 2 then 1. The attributes is down to how you combine them with other players to get the best strategic mix, plus it depends on the strengths and weaknesses of the teams you're playing against.

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