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FM19 Feature Wishlist

What would you like to see in FM19?
Started on 7 July 2018 by Justice
Latest Reply on 19 November 2018 by Jbx
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ALSO MUSIC!Other Football games like Fifa are applauded for their brilliant soundtracks that constantly buzz throughout the Menus and makes you want to play the game more.That would be wonderful!

Another thing came in my mind.Being able to set ticket prices and that affecting the fans relationship with you etc.That would be awesome
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more cats.
I would like FM to sort out the player status of each and every individual player in a team to what squad role they are given in their contract. I don’t know how many times where my 2nd choice keeper who was happy to sign a contract at my club and be told they would be “backup” and they go unhappy every so often although I could be winning and my first choice goalkeeper is on top form. The 2nd choice keeper wasn’t even given “rotation” status but simply “backup” so they should understand they will be needed in certain circumstances. It’s the same with outfield players also, it tends to upset other players when morale of a certain player is down because they want first team chances when they were signed as a backup player it doesn’t make sense.

That's all I need... a way to put your own seal on a new stadium, if you've earnt that right.

I can't think of a greater visual representation in the game of a club's success and ambition.

No longer lasting, more permanent testament to your time at a club.

And if a new build was customisable, no better way to stamp your personality on a club.

It may only be picking from a template or choosing the name or seat colours, but it's a great way of leaving your mark on a club.

It may go beyond the traditional manager's role, but it's been known for them to have a say.
I'd like to be added a new system of instructions to the team, especially, what we call in my country "studied plays" that could be implemented in the game as something similar to set pieces, for example, by controlling the movement of the players, when to pass, where to cross. That could help the players of FM feeling they have more and more control of the game, customizing his own playstyle as well as applying it to the game.
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hello, several things, the first is the possibility of taking control of an existing coach, I do not understand that this is still not the case, we choose an existing club so that you do not let the opportunity to do the same with a coach, something else, each year gives rise to a new opus, but in the end not much change in terms of tactics, it would be nice to take a little risk for you to feel a real novelty, something else, the match engine and the players in games, I could have a zidane, roladinho, or so many other artist that I would never feel how fantastic they are in a match, I remember old opus or a player could dribble a whole defense,the game does not highlight the qualities of the players, a player is unique, and according to his notes it should feel, it is not normal that a player with 20 in dribble can not spend more than 1 player, he is not normal that a player with 18 in acceleration and speed, is beaten in the race by a defender with much less good note, maybe notes out of 100 would put the qualities forward, in short a little magic, I think football manager suffers from non-concurrency
For me, it'd be awesome if you could be just a youth coach/manager, able to take over a club's U18s or U21/23s rather than just being a first-team manager.

Having to recruit youth players from a database only accessible when you're in a youth coaching role would be interesting, helping to improve young players and judge their potential to move up into the first-team.

On occasion you could have meetings with the first-team manager or head of youth development to discuss different players' progress, making it more realistic and interactive within your club.

You might have less control over the team, also, as the DoF or first-team manager might hire new coaches for the youth teams, so you have to work with the resources around you.
Media system has way more effect in real life than it currently does in FM.

Players often have media duties like attending press conferences. This would add more realism and dynamic. You as manager can decide which players attend the press conference with you and you will see who is responsible and who you can trust. "Thomas Müller jokes around before Cup Semi-Final" or "Manuel Neuer says clean sheet is the most important thing"

Media articles affect certain players more than others. e.g. "Higuain looks chubby before start of season" he doesn't mind at all. "Sterling is a bad role model for youth" he is concerned.
I would not mind seeing the ability to sign a player manager contract to put your self more involved in the game. Allowing you to win player of the month/year and manager of the month/year to gain more points
I would like that FM to have a posibility to access databases from the past, to be able to play ligues from past years, with players from the past; even better, to merge databases so that the new players that will appear to be real players, when they were young .
Hi, I'm an Italian player of FM since I was twelve years old. For FM19 i wish more CPU's intelligence. After many years in one season, I realize that a lot of teams do same things year after year. In the real football there are teams which improved, teams which go to bankrupcty, teams which passed very difficult moment and teams which suddenly become rich and spend a lot of money in a market window. In FM there isn't this variance. In addiction I would say that the grafic during the matches is still too superficial and, after few matches, that's boring to see another one. FM is the best manager football game of ever but it can improve and i hope it can do it.
I would like to see a challenge mode whereby your team choice is only limited by your country of origin and second nationality. You cannot start as a manager, instead you'll be an assistant coach for the youth team and improve your stats. It's pretty much like a journeyman save some youtubers play but with more formalities set by SI. I think a mode like this would enhance story telling as well.
I had a few ideas about new features for FM19, so I put them into an article for Cultured Vultures. I've been playing Football Manager for a long time and these are what I'd like to see in the future.

1. Reintroduce the manager created training programs
2. Make better use of the social function and allow managers to interact with fans or other club's players.
3. Improve the nuance in tactics. As mentioned above, a lot of clubs use different tactics when in possession and when out of possession.
4. Introduce the option to hold lucrative exhibition matches, or tours, abroad. Like when the big clubs from England go on a tour of the US and play MLS Allstars etc.
5. Allow managers to "tap up" other clubs' players.

This is a brief rundown of my ideas, I go into more detail in my article -
I am still wondering about a specific improvement I would like to see. And I'm not even sure if it is as simple as I imagine it to be.
While adding or removing leagues, it should be possible to "demote" a league from playable to view-only and also making higher leagues in one nation playable with the lower leagues in that nation on view-only option.

For me, the database of FM is one of its best components and I could use hours just learning about new leagues and clubs. So a combination of playable higher leagues with the lower leagues being open to easier research is what I would find a user-friendly improvement.

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