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Redvee 35's Fm18 Story

Rebuilding CD Tenerife
Started on 15 July 2018 by redvee35
Latest Reply on 5 August 2018 by redvee35

My name is Andrew Blackmore. I retired from playing International football at 35 years old. After an
illustrious career playing for England, Manchester United and Rangers. Disaster struck in the English League cup final, I badly injured my head and after a lot bangs too the head doctors said my career is over.

Under the my old Manager Alex Ferguson he offered to mentor me in coaching but I had to work my way up with my badges. After completing the course I was offered a job at Crewe Alexandra. I manged them for two years with no luck then I was sacked.

Whilst I had been away from football, I knew my calling I wanted to a manager but any team will do.

I decided not to have an agent. I will deal with my own future. I applied for jobs no luck.

A month later no jobs, I felt that it was over. Then out of the blue. I had word from Spain that CD Tenerife are looking for a manager. I applied within two weeks I got word.

The letter from CD Tenerife.

Hola señor Andrew Blackmore
Gracias por solicitar el trabajo como gerente de CD Tenerife, por favor, podrías venir a Tenerife para una entrevista.

Con respecto a Miguel Concepción.

For those who dont speak Spainish.

Hello Mr Andrew Blackmore
Thank you for applying for the job as manager of CD Tenerife please could you come to Tenerife for an interview.

With regards from Miguel Concepción
The last CD Tenerife story I read was spectacular! Hoping for the same here :) Good luck.

After accepting the job, I had to break the news to my wife. She was thrilled but I had to tell her I may not get the job. She said "Go be yourself and show them your cv and what your plans are ".

So we flew off to Tenerife. Long flight from Newcastle International Airport and landed in sunny and hot Tenerife. I speak spainsh so it was easy to get a taxi to
Estadio Heliodoro Rodríguez López.

It was massive and I went through to reception and waiting for me was Miguel Concepción.

"Good afternoon my name is " I said but I was interupted by him

"señor Andrew Blackmore" he said

We chatted for a while and he got to ask me questions about my life and what plans I had. Then we signed the contract.

The manager is Andrew Blackmore

As part of my deal I could rent a villa so I rented one and what a place.

I rented the villa and moved my wife over from england. We know It could be five minutes in Spain or two years, maybe more. Moving furniture before the day I go to training is really silly but I did it.

Training day.

Arriving at the stadium, security asked me questions and I showed my Id. After being checked I made my way to the changing rooms. I was nervous and shaking.

I entered the changing room and I was greeted by Dani Hernández.

I sat everyone down and told them" I am your new manager , Everyone will get a chance but let the team down your out"

After training we went for lunch then it was meet and greet the press.

Meeting the press is a job a hate because of the questions. I cant wait to sort out the friendly's then I will know who is staying.
No pressure then lol
So the manager knows he has to get rid of a few people and is giving them a chance to fight their way into staying?

Love that! Hope you make the tough decisions and get rid of the high-earning bench warmers for sure.

Also, the villa is fancy. My manager is still only bunking with his roommate :(
Renting by the club lol

Pre season is vastly coming and the fixtures have been announced.

First friendly is Inter Milan

Second is Ibarra

Third is Tenisca

Forth is Marino Tenerife

Fifth is At Granadilla

Sixth is San Isdiro

My players are looking forward to the big game. Not decided who is captain but I may upset people.

Looking at transfers I needed an experienced striker, so I sent my scouts out and then one came back.

Ex MLS player Fabian Espindola free transfer



Good morning news is a nice thing to wake up to. Especially when your the news. Before I left the office yesterday I managed to sign a brilliant midfield player Daniel Ndi.

With only twelve days to go until Inter come to our stadium. Training is full on training.
The team used 4-4-2 alot with there previous manager, so I am going to attack teams with 4-2-4. I'm using the wings to there best ability. Ndi is playing attacking mid.

Captain wont be sorted for a while. The players are registered for the start of pre season.

Aitor Sanz my 36 year old midfield player is somebody I am looking at for captain. He is tutoring a yoth player and he is all a big motivator in the dressing room.

Afternoon came, usually I go for a jog on the beach but today I need to get a car. A manager turning up at a stadium in a taxi, is not good for business.

Due to me not having much money I'm going to a used car dealership

Looking round the car dealership, nothing stood out. Then they brought it in.

Land Rover V8

So yes I bought it. Leather seats. Also had to sign autographs for the owners children.

Hector and Sergio where their names. There favourite player is Dani Hernandez the goal keeper. I said to them come to the Inter game and meet him.

Driving home in my new car was great. Wife was happy nice and comfortable and a big boot for shopping.

Now I can finally use my Manager parking space at the stadium


Friendly against Inter Milan

Woke up at 10.30am, got showered, had a bite to eat. Tried to relax before I had to go to the stadium. Coffee helps to unwind before a big game.

12.00 got my suit on and drove to the stadium. The roads here in Tenerife are bendy. Lots of twists and turns. Just put the radio on and I heard Tenerife vs Inter has sold out. I was happy for the club. I just hope we get a result, we can be proud of.

Dressing room was full of laughing, until I walked in. Aitor Sanz has been given the armband for this game. I told them the game plan and then it was time for the match.

First time walking the team out. The crowd were screaming and chanting. You would think we where in the San Siro. Our stadium was packed. I went to the dugout and then it was time to shake Luciano Spalletti hand.

Whistle sounded. Daniel Ndi was playing well in midfield passing into the feet of the strikers but no look. Dani Herndanez was excellent in goal. 45 minutes over and it was halftime. My teamtalk was to encourage the players. I went upto Tyronne the attacking midfield. I knew me talking to Tyronne .Ndi was worried. So I told the team. I was taking a striker off. The striker was Samelle Longo he only a rating of 6.1 and I needed better. Longo is also on loan from Inter.

Second half

We kickoff and we just attacked all through the game. Fabien Espindola warmed up and then he came on. He played defense striker with Tyronne playing Left Wing. We had more ball than Inter and more shots.

The whistle sounded and Luciano Spalletti just walked off the pitch and went back to the changing room.

We have Sanz injured for a few days with Bruising to his Knee

After the game interview with the media. "How would you like to say how proud you are ?" said the female reporter, I spoke " I am very proud but this is one game in a few friendlys".

Day off for the players tomorrow,

A few days after the draw to Inter, we decided that we need to bring the youth in. I asked Sanz if he would mind missing a game.

Sanz walked in, like most footballers do, with a cocky swagger. He sat down.

I said " Aitor I want to Javi Alonso "

Aitor knew that it was a good idea because during the Inter game he picked up a knock to his thigh. After scans showed it was clear to play. I wanted him to rest.

Aitor said" I will rest boss. Give him a chance".

After our conversation I put Xabi in the team ready for Ibarra.

The next day the emails, the team sheet went up. Xabi was walking past and didn't look. Dani said " Javi your playing against Ibarra".

I think we made his day. I had a few more players in from the reserves and under 18s. He is the one my scouts told me about when I took charge.

I explained the tactics and we knew we where going to be a force .

Matchday Friendly against away to Ibarra

Javi was in at defense mid. Nadjib, Josue were subs.

Kick off

Straight from kickoff we attacked Tanausu was keeping us at bay. Shot after shot blocked . 16 mins into the game Javi slipped past the defenders place the ball at the feet of Casadesus he scored.

After that one goal we scored at will.

Ibarra 0 - 11 Tenerife

Casadesus scored 5

Samelle Longo scored 2

Filip Malbašić scored 1

Juan Villar scored 1

Fabian Espindola scored 1

Carlos Ruiz scored 1

Javi played finished with 9 out of 10

The next Fixtures we hammered teams

Tenisca lost 7-0

Marino Tenerife lost 9-1

At Granadilla lost 6-0

Our next game is against San Isdiro away.

San Isdiro game was another walk over 5-0. Our first game of the season is against Oviedo away, Time for a chat with Aitor Sanz.

Aitor arrived in his Ferrari after signing autographs for the fans. I asked my receptionist to ask him to come in for a chat.

Aitor sat down. He is a very experienced player but looked nervous. He sat down and I offered him a cup of tea or coffee. After we had a drink and a few biscuits, it was time to talk.

I said "Aitor I am looking for a mentor for Alonso and club captain. What would you say to becoming captain".

Aitor looked confussed " Sorry boss, I thought Suso was captain."

I replied " He was and thats why we haven't had promotion for a while. I want you to take over"

Aitor thought about and a big smile came on his face, he replied " I would be honoured to do both for you boss"

After we talked I knew having him as captain we have made a start on rebuilding
Some good results in Pre-Season there mate! Hopefully Aitor can lead your team well and Suso doesnt take it to badly!

The next day training. Fast paced training and working on tactics. We are playing Oviedo tomorrow, I need to see who is in.

Captain is sorted and vice captain is sorted and that is Vitolo.



Kick off straight away I thought Ovideo where killing us. Fast running crosses everywhere, 45 mins in and it happened 1 goal from Oviedo then another.

2 more goals for Oviedo. The dugout was screaming, Sanz came off with a cut on his head. I brought on Vitolo in place. Alonso attacked from the half way line and took the ball all the way, Bang the ball sounded straight at the goal and Oviedo keeper got his hand to it and it went in. Own goal to the keeper. Full time sounded.

I walked to the changing room and waited for the players and as soon as they sat down. I shouted at them.


After my rant we got on the coach. It was slient.

The next game at home against Cadiz was the same we lost 0-1

That loss was my fault I listened to my assistant. Wrong tactics. Wont happen again.

The next game away to Albacete.

Gone back to my old tactic I used in the pre season. Alonso is still playing. Sanz is in front of him and Ndi is in front of Sanz.

Sanz was shouting " Play hard and win for the boss and our fans "

Kick off

Sanz was playing like a kid running round the field. He passed the ball to Ndi. If Ndi has the ball you know he is looking for the shot. He shocked me and pass to the strikers they shot at the keeper. Corner to us. Ball is crossed in by Villar in to the box Sanz headed the ball. GOAL.

I lept in the air. Sanz ran towards me and said " for you boss"

We attacked hard loads more shots but no goals then 70th minute penalty.

Blackstock took it and he missed.

The game finished 0-1 to us we managed a win. Our loyal fans screaming and chanting " Sanz , Sanz"

Our next game is Leonesa at home

You are reading "Redvee 35's Fm18 Story".

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