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[FM17] The Adventure of a Lifetime

How did I end up here...?
Started on 17 July 2018 by lewie100
Latest Reply on 18 July 2018 by lewie100
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It was a cold day over in Finland. The snow had been melted off by now, but it was still quite cold in the house I was in. The fireplace was burning however, and I went to put my hands near it. The heat from the fire rushed into me as if I controlled it. As if I was the controller of the ice and the fire. As if...

*Phone rings*

I rush to the phone, wondering who would call me here, over in this part of Finland.

LR (Lewie Roberts) - "Hello?"

UP (Unknown Person) - "Hi, is that Lewie Roberts on the phone?"

LR - "Yes, why?"

UP - "Oh nothing bad. It's the Finnish FA here. We heard that you have multiple coaching badges?"

LR - "Yeah, why?" At this point, I was wondering what my coaching badges, which I had studied hard for in the last 5 years, would come in use for. Managing a small club perhaps?

UP - "Look Lew, I'm gonna give it to you straight. We want you to manage for the Finnish National Team."

Until next time...
Saara for assistant!
The Phone Call cont.

LR - "...Is this a trick?"

UP - "Nope. We want you to manage us. The Finnish National Team."

LR - "I'd love to!"

UP - "Great! We'll sort out contract details and send it over to you shortly, but you are now the Finnish National Manager! Congratulations!"

*Phone hangs up*

Well... That was interesting! Now to search the web for famous Finnish players...


Well it seems their best player is CSKA Moscow player Roman Eremenko... Doesn't look too bad!

Next up is C...

*Phone rings*

Yes...Oh hi Scott...Yes I really don't care about Saara right now, too busy doing stuff... Yes I know you love her, now bye.

*Hangs up phone*

Now where was I.. Oh yes, CM Perparim Hetemaj looks solid enough.

And it seems our 3rd best player is CB Niklas Moisander. Weird name to be honest!

Until next time...

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