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Need ideas to develop this 14 yo youngster

Regen Training
Started on 3 September 2018 by alpy1992
Latest Reply on 12 September 2018 by Snorks
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Hey all,

I've never come across this before so I need your help. So I've been gifted with a 14 yo regen at the start of the game. He looks promising. I don't want to waste such a good talent so I am open to suggestions. Please review the image below and put your suggestions below. Thank you.

Keep him in your youth team for one/two seasons, and slowly integrate him into your team (play him a few times in his debut season, then slowly a bit more until he starts to become a mature player). From then, he should be a starter.
Thanks. Do you reckon that I should train him for another position or leave it as is?
make sure he is tutored by your best players in the team and also give him some playing time in friendlies or cup matches to gain experience, his stats are good for a 14year old player.

he should evolve by 16-17 years old to be a first team player.
Get him a decent tutor if possible, promote him to your senior squad but make him available for your U-18 games, once he turns 16 start to give him a few games in the cup or in less important fixtures, also if a few of your first team players are injured stick him on the bench and bring him on if you're winning. He just needs game time really and if he gets that he could become world class.
The kid is just 14 - I would have him has third or maybe even fourth choice for AMC.

Keep him in the u18s for now, until they are 18 years old training is the most important thing for development. Once they are 18 THEN game time becomes much more important for development.

Do you use an AP in your tactic? Do you want an AMC? Toggle through the positions and see which attributes you want to improve. At 14, his Physicals will improve fastest, strength, fitness, acceleration and balance are the ones I would focus on for his first season or two. Ultimately I would want to be ale to develop a well-rounded player, so pulling up some of the lowest attributes.

My plan for this guy would be something along the lines of:

Position Training: Either AP or AM, I am not too bothered about technicals at this age, but one or two of those attributes could do with some work, so not going to allocate training time other than positional training.

Individual Training: Focus on the physicals. Don't push it though, don;t want him picking up training injuries.

Target would be to have him on the bench, as second-choice AM by the time he is 18. (2.5 - 3* ish CA). From there, two seasons to become the first-choice. (3.5*+)

With determination already at 15, I would be very careful with tutoring. ONLY use a tutor with equal or higher determination, (although you have up to six possible tutor periods before he is 18 so possibly a drop of a point or two now can be recovered later). Think about the personality improvement and the Player traits he can get from tutoring for now.

At 1.5* CA, I wouldn't think about first team game time just yet unless you are desperately short of an AMC. By the time he is 18 though, he will be a regular on the bench, or look at loaning him out as a Key Player. Key thing is to keep him in your own stable until he is 18.

When I get a player with CA/PA like this, I force myself to take a step back and consider him, patience is the key to these guys - get the timing right and he will be a world beater. Get it wrong and he will only ever be a squad player.

The PA is only a 'best guess' at his potential, not a guarantee.
Thank you. will consider your points. He picked up a broken leg injury which puts him off the training ground for 7 months. Oh well.
2018-09-07 06:17#250812 alpy1992 : Thank you. will consider your points. He picked up a broken leg injury which puts him off the training ground for 7 months. Oh well.

Welcome to Football Manager my friend.

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