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Swap Players not working

Started on 28 October 2018 by Ettienne
Latest Reply on 3 November 2018 by Stam
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Ettienne's avatar Group Ettienne
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Look at all "Sct Req" players under "morale" tab.

They've all been swapped, but still in my team and almost none of the players I swapped are in my team. Example, Bonness was swapped with Neuer, Ward swapped with Varane. But no Neuer or Varane anywhere. They show they're in my team when i do a search, but cant see or use them
Can you please send us your savegame (after the swap) to [email protected]?
Please use a service like wetransfer or similar.
Sent, thank you.

I simulated about 2 months to see if that fixes the issue, but doesn't.
Hey there,

I am looking at your save game at the moment. I can swap players with no problems, however I do see that there are issues with a lot of your players which I suspect you swapped and that's why they are like this.

The only way I can think why this happened is that you continued in game, and returned to FMSE at some point to do the swaps, with results already on the table? I have changed FMSE to make sure there is no stale data when continuing, as I can see this could lead to your issue.

I can repair your saved game if you'd like and send it back to you, let me know if you'd like that.
In v2.1.2.0 we fixed a couple of issues related to swapping players.

Can you please confirm everything is working as intended now?

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