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Poll: Lag/freezes when alt+tab to genie scout from game

Lag/freezes when alt+tab to genie scout from game
Started on 4 November 2018 by cbtendo
Latest Reply on 25 April 2020 by Justice
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does this also happened to you? (2 votes)
as stated in the title, I'm having issues when alt+tab to genie scout 19g from game. GS always lags/freezes for several seconds and then it returned to normal.

It's not an urgent issue or anything, it's just annoying and somehow previous version of GS didn't have this problem. I do not know if this is localized in my pc only or it's happening to other user.

Waiting to hear back from you, Thank you
I have the same problem with 20g version. Always lagging and stuttering for about 5 seconds before its usable. Sometimes it does it when using genie scout aswell. :(
That’s not a bug in genie scout as such, and not something that is restricted to just genie scout as an application - it’s due to the amount of data that genie scout (similarly to other applications) contains. Think of it as an absolutely massive spreadsheet of data. From my experience of using spreadsheets in my own profession, it can often lag/freeze for a number of seconds when switching from something else to the spreadsheet due to the amount of data on it. Genie Scout acts the exact same.

The less data you have loaded on genie scout (ie the smaller the database), the smoother it’ll run. Also, the more processing power your computer has, the smoother it’ll run. A short-term tip would be to close as many other programmes (such as tabs on your internet explorer/google) that you are not using. This will help with the smoothness of how it runs.

There is no solid solution as such. The lagging is just a consequence of the amount of data that genie scout loads from the game’s database.

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