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FM keeps resetting

constantly resetting and losing saved games
Started on 8 December 2018 by MrLarnz
Latest Reply on 8 December 2018 by MrLarnz
Hi guys, i hope someone can help.....
since buying FM 2019, i've had this constant issue where everytime i load up FM, its as if i've never played it, i have to go through all the settings and change from euro to sterling, i have to set all my manager name and details and i don't ever have the option to load last game.
as if its the first time i've ever played it,
why is this?
and to make things worse, loads of my saves can't be loaded up.
yet in documents, they are there.
i have a current save which is in season 4, and now all of sudden, when i try and load it up, its not on the game.
anyone know whats causing this or how i can fix it?
I've been told to go into my documents and rename the saved files to .fm files and they'll work, so i tried it and they actually worked,
but why is this happening?
and why does the game seem to reset itself every time i wan't to play it.
surely i don't need to add all the details every time i want to play the game.
it's driving me insane.

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