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Tactics Q

The relationship between player role and the defined role in a particular tactic
Started on 20 December 2018 by Blutarsky
Latest Reply on 21 December 2018 by Starostin
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New to the game...

Playing Bayern Munich.

I select a tactic, before putting players into positions the tactic defines certain roles, such as a ball winning midfielder-defend in the center left midfield position...

Consider a player like Thiago, his strength is not as a ball winning midfielder. Is it more important that he but put in that role regardless of his strength, or to leave him in that position but put his role as what he does best...say advanced playmaker? Am I defeating the point of the tactic to not set Thiago to the ball winning midfielder-defend setting?

The essential question is, is it more important to match the requirement the tactic sets out or to put the player in the role they do best?

it's all about their attributes and player preferred moves. For that example, Thiago's lack of physical attributes such as natural fitness, pace & strength as well as his lack of key mental attributes such as bravery and teamwork would mean he isn't going to perform the BWM role very well. He would however be an ideal advanced playmaker, fantastic technicals and his mentals are solid for the most part.

You're best off building your tactics around your players and not the other way around. Asking a player to do a particular role that he isn't up to attribute wise will only ever end badly.

Essentially, don't try and fit square pegs in round holes :P
Thank you. To clarify, the critical factor then seems to be that if a particular tactic specifies a central defender or inside forward, advanced playmaker etc.. that is the controlling thing, you need the player in that slot to fill the role specified by the tactic, i.e. don't put an player whose best role is advanced playmaker into a midfield slot where the tactic requires a ball-winning midfielder.

I understand you point about fitting tactics to players, that makes complete sense. I just wanted to be sure that when there was a spot that I didn't have an accomplished player in the role specified what to do until I could obtain the appropriate player.

Thanks again.
Yeah basically if you need a player to play a certain role that you just don't have at your disposal you'd be best off changing the role around to suit a player/players that you have.

It's also worth noting that you can always try and retrain certain players if they have the attributes for another role.

This guy for example:

He's a central defender naturally but if you actually look at the recommend attributes for the BWM role, he would actually be capable of doing a job there.

Not perfectly really, ideally you'd want his work rate, aggression and tackling to be slightly better but it gives me options should I require them.

You can do this with a lot of players, I've retrained full backs into midfielders and vice versa, midfielders into central defenders and so on. It's a good thing to keep in mind before splashing money on a specific player, you might have a player already at the club capable of performing that role.

But yeah, if you really don't have a player to play the BWM role, you could always try something else like a box-to-box midfielder, a mezzala etc. You can always change it back again if you sign that player you're after at some point.
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