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Should I upgrade from FM17 to FM18 or 19?

Started on 26 December 2018 by Craig23
Latest Reply on 26 December 2018 by Jopaaaa
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Hi everyone,

So I have been a long time player of the FM series. I generally only guy a copy though once every two or three years. But due to study commitments in the last few years, I’ve only started playing FM 17 on a regular basis since the summer!

My overall reaction to FM17 is that it is great, but it seems to be such a hugely streaky game! FM has always beena game where morale has a huge impact on the income of results, as it is in real life, but on this edition I find my wins are conesuctive, one after another, and seem to have extremely little to do with tactics or squad management. Instead, it’s like coneding a 95th miniute equalizer/ defeat is hardwired into the game and you can gladly win 20 games in a row only to suffer 5 defeats, followed by a draw or two and then another 20 wins!
It’s a very unrealistic edition if I do say so myself.

Anyhow, I was wondering how both FM18 and FM 19 compare, with regards to this especially, but overall as well?

Should I get FM18 or FM19? Has the game improved enough to warrant a spend on either of these? Or has something gone so horrendously wrong that I should avoid them as much as possible?

The reviews I’ve read agree with my assessment of FM17, but it seems the reviews get better with FM18 and then supersede them both with FM19.
Thanks for your help guys and wishing you all the best in your saves!
FM19 is by most of people the best Football Manager game ever. It's really improved in a lot of aspects of the game, and most people I talked with enjoy the game a lot. I think it's worth upgrading because training has improved massively, scouting has been better than in FM18 and a lot of things have been better, I would recommend you at least trying the game and the deciding whether you want to buy it or not, but it's great!

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