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Game data not found

Can't load FM games into Genie Scout
Started on 23 January 2019 by Tuckeroo
Latest Reply on 23 January 2019 by mrtedbundy
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Hi everyone. I am trying to load my current save into the Genie Scout but a pop-up message appears stating game data not found. Has anyone else encountered this problem and if so how do you rectify it? My FM is updated, my genie scout is also up to date.
Just got this error also.
Everything is up to date.
Hi, I experienced this same issue, sent email to Eugene and posted on this website, now more than 8 hours later no response or reply from anyone, and Genie Scout is unusable. I guess everyone in Europe is still sleeping.
Aye they must be. Guess it's just a waiting game now.
I'm facing the same problem too.
I'm guessing it needs an update to work with the new patch. Is it effecting the G version as well? as was going to get that today but might wait till its updated and working again.
Yes it includes the "G" version, this is the only version I have. Incidentally I still have had no reply from Eugene now 13 hours ago and still no reply. If you are thinking about buying it, this is a good example of how quickly they fix problems. Product is ok, price in minimal, service is non-existent.
We're on version 19.2.2 of FM19 now due to the latest patch. The scout is currently only supporting 19.2.1 version so it'll need to be updated. Not sure how long it normally takes but it always happens.

And yes, it's affecting the 'G' version too.
im having the same problem on the g
Judging from the last patch it looks like we can expect the new scout update today or tomorrow.
Eugene (Genie) has been made aware of the 19.2.2 update for FM. He will update Genie Scout as soon as he has time (he's a full-time working man :P )
I think he does this just to get people to join the site to ask when it is going to be fixed. Quite clever.

I love the product and don't mind a bit of a wait. Now I get to use in game scouting like a big boy.

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