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Started on 20 April 2010 by bandura
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I have started several games (Italy, Germany, UK, Greece) and I noticed that the sponsprships remain the same every year, irrespective of team's performance. It always renews but with the same amount of money!!!

This is weird, as in previous FM editions you got more money every year. Also in real life, the more competitions the team wins, the more money it earns from sponsorships for the next year.

Anyway, I have found the way to increase my sponsorships through FMRTE (I know I cheat, but... if the other teams got more money than my team, then this is not fair... or should I fire the board of directors??? i.e. for lack of negotiation and promotion skills???)

I would be grateful to have your comments regarding your sponsorships, whether they increase when they renew or not.
well, I'm currently att Liverpool, I've won the leuage 2 times in a row, been in the CL-final two times in a row (won one of them) and I've got the Leuge Cup 3 times in a row and the F.A. cup 2 times in a row...I recived information on a new sponsshipcontract a few week ago... but it sucked... only a raise with 4% or so... and I do have some financial diffuculty... right now I'm totaly dependig on prizemoney att the end of the season, losing 10mil every month atm... kind of annoying when my loans were paid off... and i onley pay monthley for one transfer aswell...
I disagree. In fact, in my game, i got Blackburn promoted back up in the premiership and i saw a huge increase in sponsorship deals! So it depends on how much you are improving each year? Winning Leauge cups isn't exactly fantastic is it..

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