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GS19g loading "clubs", "teams" and "people" very slowly. Just me or a GS19g thing?

Started on 3 April 2019 by Confy
Latest Reply on 22 June 2020 by fedepr
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Hi all.

I haven't played FM for a couple of years and just bought myself the latest version. Also got myself a copy of GS19g.

A quick question I have:
A few years ago when I used Genie Scout, it would load everything really quickly, but now when I try to load a game, the loading bar at the bottom goes very slowly when it has to "load clubs", "load teams" and "load people". I can't remember it doing that in previous version, and was wondering if it's just a general thing now or if it's something that just happens for me?

Both GS and FM are installed on the same SSD and I'm running an i7-6700k. So surely it can't be the PC. Maybe something in the settings?

Same with me here. I got the non-g version - I have paid for the software for the previous 4 versions at least.

However I do not know what is wrong with this one. Look now, it's trying to filter out free transfer keepers based in Netherlands for 5 minutes now.

Also inital load took about half an hour. Something is very very wrong here.
hi, i had the same problem and recently repored to Eugene.
i had the problem with a mobile intel processor, the problem is with the hyperthreading support.
it's and old topic but i hope the answer could help other people landing here from the web.
Probably the bug won't never be fixed on versions until Genie 19...
as work around, you can disable hyperthreading, or go in windows task manager, right click on FMGenieScout.exe, set Affinity and select only CPU 0 or CPU 0 and 1 enabled for the process.
Disabling the logical cores on the process, the problem is not happening.

You are reading "GS19g loading "clubs", "teams" and "people" very slowly. Just me or a GS19g thing?".

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