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Reagan Connelly: Il Burattinaio Irlandese

Started on 31 October 2019 by ImThatSybGuy
Latest Reply on 12 May 2020 by TheLFCFan
Reagan is not afraid to put himself out there with women is he?
Can't tell if Reagan is just indecisive or just very promiscuous. Interesting :))


Milan, Italy, July 2003

I saw the girl walk out of the restaurant as we locked eyes for a second. I stood up, got one more bite of my meal and chased here. “Why- why are you here?” I asked. The girl turned around and confirmed my initial thoughts. I never thought we’d cross pass again, but there she was, standing a few feet in front of me. “Hey you. Did you miss me?”

“What are you doing here?” I continued.
“Well, I expected you to be happier, Reagan.”
“Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy, but still. How do you know I’m here? And since when you do you work here?” “I didn’t and I don’t. See, I was waiting for you in Rome, but you didn’t notice me. Every day, I hoped you’d call me, but you didn’t. All this time I was waiting for something which wouldn’t come.”
“So you just forced your way on me.”

“Quite the contrary, I went to Milan as I wanted after you left Parma and I managed to get myself a place to sleep. The woman I’m sharing an flat with was sick and worked here. I didn’t know you were in this hotel until I saw you sitting there.”

We left the hotel together and walked through the sleeping streets of Milan, where time felt to move at a very slow pace, where the stars were brighter than anywhere else. Where, I truly fell in love again.
“I love you, Cecilia.”
“Don’t leave me any more.”
“Don’t worry, I’m staying, right here.”

After a few hectic weeks, I moved in into my own flat in Milan, with Cecilia. Ready for the next chapter of my story.
TheLFCFan: The latter
Scott: Did he fuck it though?
Griffo: Can't help it
Jack:: Maybe both
Well, I could never have predicted that! Some desire shown for Cecilia to put herself into your line of sight as well as patience. Long may it continue!
And they called it puppy looooove. Looking forward to next months edition to see what happens next with Reagan! ;)
Cecilia isn't one for giving up. Hopefully the pair can now enjoy a loving relationship with one another.
Ohhh this had scenes of late 90's- early 00's romantic movie in my head with the music at the time!! Make her pay the rent as well!
Well that's a rollercoaster of emotion right there! Will Reagen and Cecillia be making their own little reagens soon? ;)


Bruges, Belgium, 4 November 2003

37’: “And he has been sent off. It’s a second yellow card for Alessandro Nesta and AC Milan go down to 10. AC Milan have to win this game if they want to progress, but the Belgians are looking in fine form and with a red card, it looks tough for Il Rossineri.”

‘42: “Things are going from bad to worse. Jon Dahl Tomassen goes down and takes a nasty landing. That does not look good. AC Milan are going to be forced into another substitute after losing their captain, Maldini, 10 minutes ago. Tomassen signalling he wants to come off. Carlo Ancelotti looks rightfully worried. Dario Simic, Ambrosini and Connelly are warming up. I assume Ambrosini will be coming on.”

“Reagan Connelly is taking off his bib and is getting some final instructions down the touchline. So the Irishman seems to be coming on, for what will be his debut.”

‘45: “And we have resumed, AC Milan seem to be lining up in a 4-4-1 with Shevchenko as lone striker. Connelly, Seedorf, Pirlo and Gattuso are the midfield four, with Seedorf as most advanced midfielder it seems.”

‘63: “Maertens goes for goal, and he just about misses, Brugge seem to be in control and qualification looks further and further away for AC Milan, they need a goal, and they need it fast, but I wonder if they can get it. The Italian seem uninspired and if it weren't for Gattuso and Connelly who have done very well to keep the Belgians away, the Belgian would've been at least a goal up”

‘72: “Pirlo has the ball in midfield, past the defender. Finds Connelly to his right, who turns away from his opponent beautifully. Connelly down the right, past another, in a great position to cross now. He cuts inside to his favoured left foot, ball comes in, over Shevchenko. But there is Seedorf at the far post, he gets his foot on it and it goes just wide. Wonderful play by Reagan Connelly to get past two men, and a beautiful cross. This is more promising from AC Milan.”

‘87: “There is no space from AC Milan here, Club Brugge seems content with a draw and rightfully so. AC Milan will need a miracle to get into the next stages of the competition if they can’t get more than a draw. Pirlo to Gattuso, now with Cafú. Cafú looks for a cross, but he can’t get one in, so AC Milan have to restart. Pirlo to Seedorf, who finds Connolly down his right. Connolly is in a position to shoot now. Connolly gets past Stoica, and he finds Shevchenko in the sixteen, Shevchenko shoots, Shevchenko scores. AC Milan leave it late, but are coming away with all three points here.

All credit for this goal should go to Reagan Connelly, he had the entire midfield on strings as the stadium thought he would try to curl one into the goal, but he majestically puts it through for Shevchenko and the Ukrainian who mad no mistake.”

‘90+4: “Costacurta heads it clear and there is the final whistle. AC Milan had to fight hard for it, but the 3 points are going to Italy and the hope for the knockout-rounds aren’t over yet, a win against Ajax in Amsterdam and AC Milan are through. Reagan Connelly is the man of the hour as the Irishman put in a debut performance to remember and help his team win here.”
TheLFCFan: Mean
Scott: Hopefully they can
MJK:: That was the aim, so thank you
Justice:: You should be emberrassed by that joke
A performance for our Reagan to cherish forever!
Reagan Connelly shining bright amongst Milan’s dazzling stars. How far can this lad go?
Connelly tearing the opposition UP!
Not a bad way to make your debut! Hopefully this is the start of a fantastic spell in Milan.
Nice win

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