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Representing A Continent

Started on 15 November 2019 by TheLFCFan
Latest Reply on 13 August 2020 by OneMoreGame
What an un-Luke-y turn of events
Awful treatment of playing staff, I'm not surprised Luke was keen to move on and become vocal in his dislike for Zenit. Hopefully his time in Moscow with CSKA is met with a little more respect.
Football is a cutthroat kind of business as you've exemplified with the dialogue between Luke and Uys, especially in Russia. As a positive, it's fantastic to see Luke fully recovered from what sounded like a horrific injury, even if it did finish with the bitterness of Zenit lifting the title.
A really well written update, loving this story!
CSKA is so much better.
Brilliant developments so far as we get to see how Luke's career as a footballer developed. From a turbulent spell at Ajax to what seemed to be a match made in heaven in St. Petersburg. The heartbreak of Luke's 'homecoming' at the World Cup may have damaged his career but he has a chance with CSKA to prove his doubters wrong.

Heavy Heads

27th May 2013

A move to Russia in 2007, was something that had scared Luke initially. For a young South African who had left home at a young age to move to Ajax was scary enough. But a move to Russia took it to another level. However, Luke adapted well and once he got his opportunity, he didn’t let it go. Impressing for Zenit, Luke was loving life in Russia. But an injury at the World Cup, leading to a falling out with club chairman Boyra Uys, ended his time at the club, almost immediately.

Thankfully for Luke, CSKA Moscow signed the tricky winger, giving him another shot at proving his talent. It wasn’t the highest level of clubs that Luke was reportedly seeing interest from before the France game, but it was a club and that was enough for Luke.

In his first two seasons, Luke and CSKA had finished 2nd and 3rd place, with Zenit claiming the title both times, something that infuriated the South African. But the 2012-2013 season was different, and Luke knew it six games in. Having bagged his first hattrick in his career away to Mordovia Saransk, Luke followed it with a second hattrick in two games against Krylia Sovetov. With just one loss in twelve games, it was a year Luke last experienced at Zenit before leaving for the World Cup. Despite a disappointing 3-0 loss to Rostov, in the final game of the season, Zenit had the opportunity to win the league, but a 0-0 draw away to Amkar Perm, meant Luke and his side could celebrate.

Celebrate they did. Having taken the quick flight home, the squad were straight to the town center to enjoy themselves having finally secured the club it’s first title in seven years. Personally for Luke, it was his first major domestic trophy win in his career, having fallen short numerous times at both Ajax and Zenit. Now a lifelong dream of winning a domestic title in professional football was no longer a dream, but instead, reality.

The late Spring sun, awoke Luke and he immediately knew he had, celebrated hard. His mouth as dry as the Sahara desert, a pounding headache and a stomach already turning, it was clear that Luke had drank way too much.

With limited memories of the night, Luke struggled to the bathroom to throw water over his face and swirl some water to cure the dryness he was suffering with, before climbing back into bed to scroll through photos that had already been posted to the teams group chat. Each picture bought back some recollection, and piece by piece, with the teammates all helping each other with tales they remembered, they slowly pieced together the majority of the night. That was when Alan Dzagoev, someone Luke had formed an early friendship with, asked him about Lada.

“Lada?” Luke replied.

“Yes, Lada. You don’t remember her? How drunk were you?” Alan asked as the group chat laughed at a confused Luke.

“Check your pockets, I saw her giving you her number. Enjoy loverboy!” added Georgy Shchennikov.

Luke wandered over to the pile of clothes he must of pulled off himself and dumped on the floor when he stumbled inside earlier this morning. Having located his jeans and straightened them out, sure enough there was a crumpled piece of paper inside.

“Lada - (499) 672 64 21 xx”


Syb: See yourself out.
Scott:Luke had never liked Uys but this was the final straw, hopefully his time at CSKA can be better.
Jack:Luckily Luke was able to play a part in winning CSKA Moscow's first league win in a while. Even better getting one over Zenit!
Griffo:Thank you mate!
MJK:Especially this season!
Justice:And prove them wrong he has so far. A massive league win for both CSKA and Luke, onwards and upwards for both.
Seems like Luke had a Lada drinks last night
It's been a long time coming, but thankfully you finally got your wish to stick it to Zenit after Luke's mistreatment there. I might be calling the number left on the update, I'll let you know if it's Lada ;)
What's better than sticking it to the club that backstabbed you? Meeting a cute(?) girl and not remebering anything the next day. :P
There seems like there was a Lada fun on the night out!
Can I call for a Lada fun?
Oh dear. Luke is a lightweight like you then ;)
2020-01-04 04:28#264731 MJK46 : Can I call for a Lada fun?

Please do not steal my witty remarks haha
TheLFCFan's avatar Group TheLFCFan
3 yearsEdited

Coming off the High

6th December 2017

Seven years since leaving Zenit Saint Petersburg and joining CSKA Moscow, Luke had claimed eight major trophies, most notably his three Rosgosstrakh Russian Football Championship. He had also met the woman he had fallen in love with. Having celebrated his first Domestic title, Luke met Lada Lebedev, a Russian teacher, who was a year his junior.

The pair began a relationship in the winter months of 2013 and had been happy together ever since, with Lada moving into Luke's home in early 2015. Something that had always been apart of Luke’s life was uncertainty. His move to Europe aged 19, before then being moved onto Russia a couple years later. More uncertainty followed with a freak injury in the 2010 World Cup, causing Luke’s departure from Zenit.

Uncertainty and a lack of stability was the one consistent in Luke’s life, until his move to CSKA. Now seven years in, fluent in the language, Luke shared an incredible connection with the fans. Featuring in 181 league games and contributing 73 goals and 61 assists in his time at the club. Clubs became interested in Luke, but for the first time since he was a child, especially having met Lada, he was happy with where he was and turned down every advance each time. Finally happy with where he was, success continued to follow for the South African.

But in 2016 the bubble of success that had surrounded the Moscow based club, was popped without much warning. Former winner of the Russian Premier League Championship MVP, after his terrific performances in the 2014-15 season, Roman Eremenko, was found guilty of testing positive for crack cocaine. Eremenko, a key cog in the CSKA side that had been playing so well, was initially banned for just 30 days. However, with further investigations, the Finland international, was banned for two years.

The initial shock of the reports jolted a good start to the CSKA season. Having played nine and losing just once before the news of Eremenko, CSKA went on a run of two losses in three in the league as well as losing twice more in the Champions League, following his ban.

With a turnaround in results in the league, things were looking more positive at CSKA, and with a final match of 2016 to be played tomorrow against Tottenham Hotspur, the CSKA players were in buoyant mood sitting in the conference room to go through final preparations for the game.

“Good Morning guys,” manager Leonid Slutsky began. “We have a big game to end the year with tomorrow. I know we haven’t put in the performances we would of liked so far in the Champions League, but a win against Tottenham will get us Europa League football, so I want to see it,” Slutsky explained, as he would with most games giving his objectives.

“However, I do have some news for you all. Tomorrow will also be my final game as this great clubs manager.” announced the departing coach.

Silence surrounded the room.

Leonid Slutsky had been in charge of CSKA Moscow for seven years, having taken over the role from Juande Ramos. Slutsky had taken the club through one of it’s most successful periods, winning seven trophies in his time at the club. Despite being given the role of Russian head coach in 2015, he had stayed in the role at CSKA alongside it. To leave now was a shock to everyone.

Since Luke’s arrival at the club, back in 2010, everything had been stable, the departure of the man who gave him his second chance was disappointing. It was a part of the game and something Luke knew would happen eventually, but despite this, it didn’t feel real.

The uncertainty of the past felt like it was slowly creeping back into Luke’s life.


Syb:...Do you see what you started...
Jack:Luke's wish of beating Zenit finally came true and even better he pulled!
Jim: I wouldn't know Jim as I do not drink! ;)
Griffo & MJK: At this point I am regretting the name!

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