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Too many bookings

Started on 22 November 2019 by moley
Latest Reply on 1 January 2020 by Mojby
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despite having the individual instruction to ease off tackles and the team instruction to stay on feet, Andy Robertson in my save is picking up a booking at least every other match
Yeah, same here, but both Robertson and Alex-Arnold...

My first season Alex-Arnold got 17 yellow cards. I usually am neutral on team tackling instructions....altho specify hard on individual wingers. Even so tho...

And its usually a yellow in the 1st 5 mins of every game too...
Happens a lot with full backs, particularly ones on high risk roles or duties and I assume you're using him as a WB or CWB. My guess is it's because they're often high up the pitch so if possession is lost they're more likely to make a cynical foul.

My advice would be go back through some of the games he's been booked in and find the reason why he was booked, lets say he was booked in the 60th minute, go back till the 58th minute and watch the entire buildup and see for yourself.
I had this same problem and checked the top yellow carded players and noticed 9 out of 16 were full backs, 4 were CB's and the rest were DM's and wingers! I then had a look at my tactics and I lowered my pressing intensity and the number of yellow cards reduced drastically. As a knock on effect of this I also noticed my fouls count reduced to single figures in my games. I also have my Tackling set to Stay on Feet as well. In my last 4 games of the season my fouls count were 7, 5, 3 & 3 in the games.

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