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How to score in this game

Started on 6 December 2019 by Keegan22
Latest Reply on 1 January 2020 by Mojby
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Hi everyone,

I'm getting really disgusted by this game. Last patch corrected some problems but the match engine is still broken. But I want to give this game a last chance so I'm calling for help : how to score goals in FM 20 ?

Every game I have over 20 shots, most of them on target. And yet, I struggle to score 1 goal per game. I completely dominate almost every team (playing with Bayern Munich), I have world class players with maximum condition and morals but just can't score.

I watch the games : these shots are not random long shots, but clear cut chances. Lewandowski misses 3-5 one on one each game. On the other hand, opponents score on 50% of their shots.

Is there anything I could be doing wrong or this game is just broken ?
I don't have a solution for you besides suggesting trying different tactics(look at what people have uploaded and had success with for inspiration), my experience so far in FM20 is all at lower leagues. I am managing to get goals with tactics I have built myself, however I will say that it does seem more difficult to get goals than in previous games.

A game I played just a few minutes ago for example I had 29 shots, 13 on target and only 2 goals. All other stats were equally dominant. We all experience the occasional game like that in FM but it does seem more prevalent in the latest game.
Thanks for the answer.

I think this is a big club problem, the match engine can't deal with good tactics + players, and then "cheats" to balance things up.
And it's not some games, it's like 95% of my games. The other 5% are stomps where I win 7-0, or big games (against Real Madrid for example) that end in 0-0, 0-1 or 1-1.

I have tried different tactics but it's always the same. Now the game has been patched and there almost no new tactic uploaded since then :/
I had a similar problem with my created tactic. To resolve his i just started making small adjustments, saving them and playing a game to see what the effect was. If it did not work, go back to the tactic make a change and try again. It is just trial and error.

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