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Last Striker Standing 2020

20 teenage strikers battle it out to see who will become the last striker standing.
Started on 19 March 2020 by DIncredible45
Latest Reply on 27 March 2020 by Harleygator
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20 Young Strikers from around the world have been entered into a challenge. Score more points than the rest. The strikers will score points based on how many goals they score for their club & country, starting at a lowly club.

You create the player in the sign up sheet below. I will add the players into a FM Database, the players will be put into equally low reputation teams with Low Current Ability & High Potential Ability.

Each player will be placed in a club in the fourth division of England, the EFL League 2.

The league the player plays in will dictate the points awarded for a goal.

(Extra conditions may be added each season (eg. Assists will be added to your points tally))

International First Team: 4 Points Per Goal
Top Leagues (English, Spanish, German, Italian): 4 Points Per Goal
Big Leagues (French, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish, Dutch etc.): 3 Points Per Goal
Lower Leagues (2nd divisions of Top Leagues, SPL, Romanian, Belgian, Cypriot): 2 Points Per Goal
Any Other Goals (Any Lower League, Reserve Goals For Clubs 2 Points or more, National Youth Teams): 1 point

Elimination will occur after every season, with the player scoring the least points eliminated from the game.

Upon Creation, you may select two of the following traits that will reflect the attributes your player will start out with.
1. Quick
2. Poacher
3. Athletic Specimen
4. Mentally Composed
5. Target Man
6. Determined
7. Master Technician
8. Entertainer
9. Set piece specialist
10. Playmaker
11. Heading Specialist
12. Team first
13. Long range specialist
14. Versatile

Sign up sheet
Full Name :
Nationality : Dual Nationality is a possibility.
Trait(s) : No more than two
Preferred Foot:
Player Traits: No more than three
Forum Name :

Full Name : Remik Kefaus
Nationality : Turkey/Indonesia
Trait(s) : Poacher, athletic specimen
Preferred Foot: Left
Height: 6'3
Weight: 180
Player Traits: Runs with ball down middle, avoids using weaker foot, curls shots
Forum Name : DIncredible 45
Full Name : Aball Battistini
Nationality : Italian/Brazilian
Trait(s) : Athletic Specimen, Determined
Preferred Foot: Right
Height: 6'0
Weight: 175
Player Traits: Runs with ball through centre, Places ball, Likes to round keeper
Forum Name : Aaron
Full Name: Cristionel Messnaldo
Nationality: Spain (declared)/Argentina/Portugal (if you're only doing 2 maximum then you can just put Spain)
Trait(s): Athletic Specimen, Master Technician
Preferred Foot: Both (if only one, left)
Height: 178cm
Weight: 78kg
Player Traits: Runs with ball often, cuts inside from both wings, places shots
Forum Name: liverpool8
Full Name :Jeremy Bloxham
Nationality : English
Trait(s) : Athletic Specimen and Determined
Preferred Foot: Both (Right if only one)
Height: 191cm
Weight: 92kg
Player Traits: Gets forward whenever poss. , attempts to develop weaker foot, knocks ball past opponeny
Forum Name : Joe
Lets get more people signed up.
Full Name : yerdas selzavon
Nationality : Dutch
Trait(s) : Mentally Composed and Determined
Preferred Foot: Right
Height: 184cm
Weight: 78kg
Player Traits: plays one - twos, likes to lob keeper
Forum Name : tedbro20
Full Name : Artyom Dzayiev
Nationality : Russia
Trait(s) : Target Man, Athletic Specimen
Preferred Foot: Right
Height: 6'3
Weight: 182
Player Traits: Doesn't move into channels, Gets into Opposition Area, Places shots
Forum Name : Harleygator
Last 12 hours to sign up before we start.
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