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Training in FM 20

some questions about training in FM 20
Started on 9 April 2020 by fmbg
Latest Reply on 28 June 2020 by Cadoni
Hi! I have some questions about training in FM 20 on topics which I probably don't understand well. That's why I'm asking for help.

First of all - in the team responsibilities I control the general and individual training of the first team and only the individual of the reserve (B) team and the youth squad.

1. When I make individual training for the B team or youth team players after a while I see it gone and should do it again. Why is happening and how can I stop it?

2. Whatever club I play some of my players (especially players that are not in the first team) start developing personal traits (like cut inside etc.) which I never asked them to. Is there chance of stopping that or they are influenced by tactics or I don't know.

3. Other similar issue is when playing with Barcelona - I don't have the option (to develop player traits) for the players in Barcelona B team. Here I tried it with controlling the general training but didn't have the option again.

4. When playing with Barcelona - I don't see or don't have the option for mentoring for the B team. Here I tried it with controlling the general training but didn't have the option again.

5. After 2 or 3 season I find that many players start losing determination and good personalities, although I'm trying to have players with good personalities mentoring those with bad ones. Is there an idea how to affect that. For the youth squads I decided to buy young players with high determination and only perfectionists and model citizens to make the squad's general determination good and also put them to mentor other players - not sure if this will work out.

6 Other thing is the holiday option at end of the season - sometimes the game asks me how long it should be, sometimes - not. It was frustrating in 2021 when after the season the team went on holiday and after tree weeks there was the Club world cup and they came for training 1 or 2 days before the cup and of course I didn't have a chance of winning it. Even though I played the first match with the first team and the second with other players in the next match my first team players were with about 10 % lower condition than the other team which played with first team squad all the tree matches. Are any thoughts how can I change that?

I will be grateful for thoughts and solutions of my problems.

1. Personally, I am checking training month by month and not for a whole season. Also, if you have a semi-pro club there some bugs there which when you edit sessions, sometimes become unavailable.

2. This has to do with Mentoring Programm and not for training.

3. You can't have that option and it's that way SI decided to do that.

4. Same as 3.

6. Nothing you can do from your side.

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