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Leagues you like

Started on 11 October 2010 by macdab55
Latest Reply on 28 October 2010 by Seph
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What leagues do you all like playing in FM?
I like playing Polish,Spanish,Italian and English. I also like to take challenge and go to editor and create some exotic leagues like New Zeland or some nations form Central America.
I tend to go teams from Scotland, England, Italy, Brazil, Spain and Germany
Definitely Germany~ but im challenging Korean League and Austrailian League.. I kinda
Master at Asia... and Also im Trying to buy Christiano Ronaldo in my Korean Club (FC seoul) which is not working... but it's gonna work in 2011. i wish
I usually play England, Spain, Italy and Greece... but maybe I should try something different this year, like Germany or Argentina.
england germany and sweden. occasionally tried the odd league like scotland, greece etc. havent played much of the other smaller leagues tbh. oh and tried the dutch league as well.

but never tried outside europe. apart from managing the brasilien national team back in 06 :p

i most often start with 3 saves for some stupid reason. always the first is with AIK.
only turkish super league, sometimes french league for psg.
more specifically i enjoy playing in the championship, reasons being that there's a very good standard of football at that level and also pretty much 18 out of 24 teams could consider themselves play-off contenders. Finally instead of just beating the same teams every year winning the league your actually striving to win promotion and play in the premiership
I started to like French league more
romania and england are the leagues that i manage more often. very rarely i managed barcelona and real(fm 06) ac milan and juventus(fm 05) and just last year brasil 2nd division and started unemployed in MLS(just to get used to the rules there). except for steaua and man utd, i have never finished a season with any team
1.Starting with an English Conference team trying to reach Premiership!!
3.Greek high and lower leagues

Is there any other league that i should really try?

P.s: i never take teams with high reputation (e.x Barcelona, Man.Utd etc.)
Try Polish league.
i charge a lot of leagues, for example in FM2010 i've played in Italy from A to C2 (i've used Inter, Livorno, Spezia), in England in Premier and Championship (Arsenal, Liverpool and QPR), in Sweden with Malmo, in Holland with ADO, in Spain with Osasuna and in Germany with Dortmund and Hoffenheim. My favourite is Italian Serie A, and then, the Championship, the most difficult league.
I in FM2010 in Polish league I played with GKP Gorzow, Warta Poznan, LKS Lodz, OKS 1945 Olsztyn. In English league I played Carlisle in Lige 1. In France I played with CS Louhans Cuisineaux and PSG. In Italian I played Catania and thats all teams in which I finished at least 1 season.
Every time the key of my choice is based on the restriction of Non-European players, the facilities (stadium and training), the level of football of the coutry and the possibility to take the lowest team and reach the top! England has really hard leagues, Spain more "joga bonita" football style!

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