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The conquer of Attila The Hun

Started on 12 May 2020 by Attila_The_Hun
Latest Reply on 15 July 2020 by deadzpool
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After many weeks spent to find the most suitable manager for the greatest hungarian team Ferencváros, the chairman, Kubatov Gábor finally decided to give me a chance as a huge Ferencváros fan to take charge at the club as the new manager.

This is what I was dreaming about, so i can’t wait to manage this wonderful club.

Club introduction/History

Many of you may heard about Ferencváros TC (Fradi) as the biggest and most successful hungarian team with their 30 leauge and 23 domestic cup winnings, but our past is brighter than our present so for many of football fans the name of this club means nothing. However in the past few year Fradi developed a lot, there is still a long way to reach the success of our golden years.
There is only a small chance to win the Europian League like the team did in 1965 or give a Golden Ball winner for the world like Albert Flórián in 1967 or a Silver Boot winner like Nyilasi Tibor in 1981, but we have to make sure that we do everything to reach these wonderful achivements again.

First step is to be a constant participant of the EL or CL group stage, which would help us to strenghten our reputation and financial situation and make us a growing club year by year.
Our financial and infrastructurial background is way above the average in Hungary so everything is secured by the Board to make the first steps on the path of glory.

Squad overwiev

I would say we have a very good team especially if we compare it to other hungarian teams. BUT…. The Hungarian Football Association has a rule for the competition which says that no team can have more than 10 foreign player in their registered squad. The number of our foreign players in the squad is 11, so we have to sell somebody and replace with good hungarian player.
Who is currently in my head is Sihnevic.
Also it can be a gamechanger if I get a good offer for any other foreign player but basically I’m not planning to sell anybody else now.

Club vision / Personal goals

Let’s see what the Board want’s from us to complete with black letters and personal goals with green.

First of all, and this is obvious, they want to see us lifting the OTP Bank league trophy.
I agree, this is very important.

Second in the row is to reach at least the 3rd round in the CL. With a good draw it is achievable.
I would like to reach the group stage of Europian League, which is achievable with a lucky draw.

Third goal is to win the domestic cup.
Personally I think it is not important so I will start my subs here and give opportunity for youngsters to play in the squad.

The Board would like to see us sign high reputation players, which I believe is good but only for the best price as we do not have too many money in the transfer budget now (820K Eur). As this is only a favoured importance goal, I will only do this if there is somebody who is really helps us to grow.

I would like to make it a bit harder. I will only sign hungarian players to the squad and/or foreign players under 21 and build them up to sell them with a good profit. I will try to improve our youth system to develop good youngsters for the first team but this is a long term goal yet.

To be continued.....
Good luck in Hungary.
Good luck!

Summer of ’19

Took charge at the club on 24th June. The players returned from their holiday in perfect condition, prepared to conquer the europian cups and national league.
We got AIK in the Champions League first round, which I personally think was a good draw. AIK is a good team but with a good tactic we can defeat them especially at home.
I could arrange only 1 friendly before the game as I did not want the team to be exhausted, so I was not sure about the outcome.

As I think 4-2-3-1 is the best formation for the team I prepared a tactic for this formation both in home and away tie. Away with a DM and 2 CM, home with 2 CM and an AM.

We could save the away tie with an equalizer which gave us good position for the home tie.

Due to the statistics I was pretty scared of a late equalizer....

After AIK we got a stronger team, NK Maribor. Maribor is a constant group stage participant both in CL and EL, a team like we would like to be. They have better players than us, but again, with a good tactic we can beat them hopefully.

First match gave us some confidence and made us calm to get a good result ont he away match.

Easy 2 matches made us happy. I was pretty unsure about this tie, but we made it clear that we deserve a place in this competition.

After the fantastic performances against Maribor, the whole team was hungry for further victories and we got FC Kobenhavn. Kobenhavn is a way stronger team than we are, but after Maribor we thought that everything can happen in 2 games.

And everything happened…..

We played for counters and tried to remain strong in defence. The tactic was good and we almost made it. They changed formation to 4-3-3 total attack for the last 10 minutes and they could score from a late corner situation in the 94th minute.

10 seconds….that is what remained from the match when they earned a free kick close to our box and they did it again. A good header saved the match for extra time. The boys were mentally tired so we could not win in the shootout.
Me and the whole team was disappointed, but I was pretty proud of the lads that they were so close to make a wonder. Fortunately there were no time to cry as the Hungarian League already started and we had important games ahead.

I had to rotate the team as much as I could and turned out that in the league we can rely on Varga’s talent. He scored 7 goals so far which is incredibly good for a winger.
Also we started the league with some decent wins so we were in good shape for the Europian League play-off game against……

NK Maribor

Again…. I was not sure to be happy or unhappy as we could get stronger and weaker teams also, but the fact that we could win againts them 2 times in the CL made us confident.

We continued where we left off against them. Their Manager tried to weaken us in the media, but we were focused on the success on the pitch more than on the pages. Varga was in a superb form again.

I don’t have to say anything just…EUROPIAN LEAGUE GROUP STAGE participation!!!! Wow, we could achieve it in our first season.

Lets see our results until now:


Out: Sihnevich, Heister
In: Hangya, Cseri

As I said The Hungarian Football Association allows only 10 foreign players and we had 11 so I had to sell somebody. Sihnevich was my pick and I got some decent offers for him. I replaced him with Cseri, who is still a good player for the OTP Bank league and can play in AML as well.

I scouted the national league and it turned out that i could save one more foreign player place if I sell Heister and buy Hangya who is a hungarian national team player and better than Heister. I made this swap on the last day so now I have 1 free place to buy some good potential young kid for the team from abroad in the winter transfer window.

EL draw coming soon.
Thanks for reading it, guys!
Really nice to see someone doing a Hungarian save, big win against Maribor nice!
Pleasing to see you reach the group stages of the Europa League.

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