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The Netherlands

Started on 23 October 2010 by Jisse
Latest Reply on 20 December 2010 by Sol Invictus
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Goodevening lads,

I am Jisse Plaggenborg, I live in the Netherlands and I am here on this forum to post my story, it is the first time that I am posting my story in 2 different languages and on different forums. So I hope you guys will enjoy it.
Anyway I am 17 years old and still a student.
Welcome aboard Jisse :)
Good to have you here, and looking forward to your manager stories. Any help you might need, feel free to ask.
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Hi Jisse. I think its fun to post stories in diferent language.
Hey Jisse. Welkom :) Ik kijk uit naar je verhaal ^^
Welcome Jisse :)
start learning dutch feeling ins that we have a lot to read here.

welcome jisse
oops missed this one I-)
And yet another dutchie, real name Pieter - 32 - been playing the game a number of years. Liverpool FC supporter since I became football-aware (around age 17), and in Holland Feyenoord has my greatest sympathy/support.
I'm what people call a videographer/filmmaker/cameraman/editor, and a musician on the side.

My in-game profile doesn't show the correct fave tactics (which is 4-2-3-1), but does show I'm a lazy bastard when it comes to communication hehe
I've chosen a combination of my own birthday and my dad's to give myself some ascendency over my players, added with a Professional footballing background.
Woo, Nederlanders :)
for president
Ok, that picture is scarily big o.O
welcome sol! nice age on the screen there btw :D
# Zonnegod : Ok, that picture is scarily big o.O

no pic too big for a man of his stature O:-)

btw, how come we share a similar name?

# RedArmy20 : welcome sol! nice age on the screen there btw :D
cheers mate! as you know, wisdom comes with the years, so I took mine in advance :D bet I'll never learn how to handle the green properly...
Who the hell is that? Looks like a typical old man to me who might be starting to go senile
I have to agree with Evo. I don't know that guy.
do your homework lads ;)

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