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Why my player value don't go up?

Started on 23 August 2020 by donnici
Latest Reply on 24 August 2020 by reuben sequeira
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Well, i have this newgen player that a lot of clubs want, they are offering around 4M for him, and my player wants to join them because i'm training Oldham and clubs like PSG, Barcelona, Chelsea etc are offering. So i can't mantain the player happy in my team because he wants to play Champions League.

Okay, but if theu really wants the player? Why his value don't go up? He i was curious and used the editor to see his CA and PA and it was around 140-180, and players like him usually have a value of 15M.
What can i do to at least increase his value? Saddly i don't have money to offer him a new contract, his wage is the maximum my president permits.
To be honest I have no idea why things like this happen but I've had a few issues with player values being bizarre myself if that's anything to you. I signed a free agent LB from Greece on my Sunderland save and his value was around 8-9 million from the point that he joined my club. However, a few months later his value was down to around 1 million instead, despite him playing really well so I have no idea what is going on there either.

Also if you have enough clubs interested in your player an idea could be to offer him out, and if you get 4/5 offers or whatever you could accept 1 at whatever price and then just keep offering him out for more and more money and see what clubs keep bidding and how high you could get a club to bid, obviously rejecting lower offers when accepting higher ones if that makes sense. This kinda worked okay for me when I was trying to get every penny out of a player when I've been trying to sell them or maximize the money I brought in.
there may be many reasons. one is the reputation of your club,wages given to the player and if you sell him.
for example if a player with value 10 mil is sold for 60 mil his value would go to 40mil

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