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Team stops performing near the end of the season

My title chasing team has started drawing and loosing to mid-table teams
Started on 18 September 2020 by CRASHxtrm
Latest Reply on 18 September 2020 by YAMS
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I've had a pretty strange season. I tried to build my own tactic and as a newbie that I am, it was abysmal so the first month went horrible. After a lot of research mostly here, in FM Scout, I kind of built a tactic that was going great. Unbeatable for 25 games, the team was performing really good and I was seeing in the pitch what I had drawn out in the tactics, to the very last detail. I was living the dream I tell you! I thought I was the FM prodigy, I was the best thing that had ever happened to this game, my team loved me, fans loved the board loved me!

And then out of the blue (~Hello darkness my old friend~ starts playing), nothing. Towards the end of the season, the very same players that were performing like they should be playing two leagues above us, couldn't even hit the target. I had one of the best attacking records in the league, but now my attacking players are scoring 4 goals in 7 matches (3 of them in one match). Draw after draw with mid-table teams, home losses against teams in the relegation zone. The last quarter of the season is like I'm playing with the worst players ever, and that's the second season that's happening.

The morale is high, all the players are (still) happy, team cohesion is great, they are always starting in better than 93% condition. Tactic familiarity is near 100%. I haven't changed a single thing in my tactics and I am having the same difficulties against all kinds of tactics, tactics that I was beating before. So I'm think it can't be my (awesomely godlike) tactics.

Can someone more experienced than me help me figure what am I missing? The only thing that makes sense is that my natural fitness and stamina are amongst the lowest in the league, but the players are not tired or jaded in any way, so I really don't get it. None of the players "is afraid of big matches" or anything like that...It's like they just shut down.

I thought I should ask you guys before I start tweeking my (awesomely godlike) tactics and ruin them completely, because I was clearly lucky (pffff, no I wasn't) in making them work and I don't think I could do that again :P .

Thanks for your help!

Please let me know if this isn't the correct place to ask this question.
Would be nice to see your tactic if possible please & also have you experienced more injuries during this change of fortunes?
2020-09-18 16:57#277844 Si49 : Would be nice to see your tactic if possible please & also have you experienced more injuries during this change of fortunes?

Thank you for your reply!

Here are my tactics :
Enter text for the link here...
(I can't make the image URL work for some reason)

No, no weird injuries either.
Tactically it's not bad actually, possibly too many In Possession instructions but as you say it has been working previously so why not now. There's some things I would change in there for sure but it's a pretty decent tactic for a team that has better players than the opposition.

So no real clues there... Ideally I need to see your post match analysis to see what has gone wrong, heat maps, CCC's etc... Would you be willing to email me your save game file?
@Si49 Yeah that would be amazing! thank you! Where should I email to?
I'll send you a PM. Cheers.

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