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Flank Manager 2020

Wide Play Bug
Started on 28 September 2020 by hoppo1982
Latest Reply on 29 September 2020 by Knap
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Ok so the issue ISN'T my tactics because the same issue has come up in 3 different saves.

Central build up play for me is almost non-existent. Goals I score usually involve wide players/wingbacks/fullbacks crossing or scoring.

Doesn't matter if I try to focus play down the middle, play playmakers in the centre, play a diamond in the middle etc

The goals I am conceding are the same. Crosses (usually to the back post) or set pieces.

I've actually quit a long save over the problem.

Anyone find a solution to this ?

It's broken the game for me.
It's a broken match engine for sure. 4-4-2 & 4-4-1-1 are by far the most consistently dominating formations for ALL levels.

Sure at the top with the best players any 'wonder' tactic will do but in the lower leagues the two banks of four dominates.
So frustrating to take a team up from league 2 to the premier league. Build a squad around 3-5-2 only to see it dismantled by the same shite no matter what.

Then to change to 4-4-1-1 and see the same goals for and against again and again and again
Well it's a game.... It's only as good tactically as it can be given the game engines possibilities/limitations.

To break FM19 at any level you needed to you inverted fullbacks in a weird no striker tactic. Here it's traditional two banks of four that kills it.

For the record you can make 3-5-2 work in the Prem but I suspect you are being killed down the flanks so you probably need to change some tactical elements to help deal with it.
Why would you consider 442 and 4411 dominating formations.
You can use most popular formations. 2 at back can be tricky but 343 IF can protect wings
FM 19 was dominated by 442 4411 and 4141

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