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(FM20) trying to find the new Greco

Regentime again, after some normal seasons
Started on 16 December 2020 by Michael
Latest Reply on 3 January 2021 by Michael
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" Ït's been a whiie" Justin Case pondered. "It's been a while since I've been offered a job I actually want." Still not sure how Syb arranged a meeting, that guy has some superpowers or something, getting me to have a meeting with the board of PSV, not even demanding becoming champion in my first 2 seasons. I knew he was a smooth talker, but this exceeds all the expectations. Why would he have me, The misfit of the main continent, recommended by the club he loves with all his heart. Has he been gotten a bout of madness fit of the Mad Kings of Westeros? Has he completely given up on what should be the best club of the Netherlands, Europe, no, even te World? Whatever his reasons may be, here I was, sitting against the Chiefs of Staff of PSV, pleading my case, trying to not look like a worse option than Frank de Boer for a spot I definetaly was severely underqualified off.

"So, do you accept these terms?" Of surrender I thought. "Well, I do" "Than we hope we will have a succesful partnership together, I'll see you at the first training"


I'd like some voluntueers for the story to be assistants, player agents, and the like. I plan this story to be fun and lighthearted, the same fun writingstyle as before, only a whiole lot less PG13 and more just about the game.

The final goal will be off course to be having a striker who strings along goals like a violinist plays Mozart
I authorize the usage of my image in this story, whatever shady character you can think of
It took a while to get to the traininggrounds. On bike, through traffic, to De Herdgang. I wanted to see what I've gotten myself into, what the skills of my team are, where they were severely lacking. I already knew they loaned out my best goalie on paper, but I heard we had a tall German between the sticks. And with a small budget of around 12m € I wouldnt be able to break the bank either.

Arriving at the grounds I was amazed by the cars standing there, Mercedesses worth 3 times my salary, Beamers all around, and appearantly someone was a Nissan fanatic with a pimped out Tweety-yellow Skyline. when I arrived at the lockers, I saw the bunch of players. a lot of them from the club youthranks, and some bought defenders, which is where I was attented to by Syb that the defence may or may not need a small overhaul.

"Ok guys, some light training today, so I can see you in action. 5 rounds outside the lines of the field, last 3 to come over the finishline will clean up after the training" The players jogged away, some a bit quiicker, some lacking behind, but overall the core group was staying in a bunch, just chatting it up.

After the round were done I called them to me: "Hey guys, I'd like you to make 2 groups, we're gonna play some ball to see which formation will suit you guys the most,." I carefully watched which players bonede together, it is good to know the dynamics, and which players have that connection on the field. I knew I had a great striker in Malen, and I wanted to know which backs could allow him to score the most goals. I knew I had to cash him in about a season if I wanted to make this club grow.

"ok guys, training's done for today, I see you all tomorrow, I'll let you know whom I see starting in our 1st real match in the CL prelimenairy round."

The Tactic chosen and made by myself:
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Damn, this was a rough day, how am I gonna keep control of this bunch of inadequate morons? They can't seen to play a ball through the center, all Bruma can do is run, but please dont give him the ball, and on the other wing I have to make due with Doan. This is bullocks.

Pacing around in my home I was thinking where I should strenghten my team, where I could strenghten my team. it was clear that only the 3 center midfielders were a go, but everything around them just isnt up to the standard I want them to be. With Hendrix, Gutierrez and Ihattaren I have a decent block, but the center defs were a tough choice, not because there is quality there, but because there is a lack of quality.

I really need to buy some good players before the season goes into full swing.

Introducing Ihattaren, the first of the wonderkids:

Pre-seasom results

PSV - Jong PSV 3-1
NAC Breda - PSV 2-3
FC Den Bosch - PSV 0-2
PSV - PAOK 3-0
PSV - Shaktar 1-2
AD Sanjoanense - PSV 1-2
What are the roles of the players? My Dutch is really poor

And this Ihattaren guy is a beast
Nice to see you back, Michael.
2020-12-17 14:56#279950 Tango : What are the roles of the players? My Dutch is really poor

And this Ihattaren guy is a beast

from back to front, left to right: Sweeper Keeper, Attacking Wingback, Central Defender, Ball Playing Defender, Attacking Wingback, Playmaker before defence, Ball-Winning Midfielder, Inside Forward, Advanced Playmaker, Inside Forward, Deep Striker
Michael's avatar Group Michael
1 yearEdited
I'm gonna skip 3 seasons in updates so I can get back up to speed.

However I shall show you the talented squad:


Def (from L to R)



Some incredibly talented young players in the squad, but Alfie is on a completely different level. Ridiculous for just 18!
2021-01-03 17:02#280407 TheLFCFan : Some incredibly talented young players in the squad, but Alfie is on a completely different level. Ridiculous for just 18!

Worth every million his contracts are gonna cost me

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