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Making B/Reserve Teams Eligible for promotion into Continental Tournament and/or Top Domestic League

It CAN happen, but how do WE do it?
Started on 22 December 2020 by mkoat
Latest Reply on 22 December 2020 by mkoat
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I started messaging Uncle Sam on the SI Forums a few months back who was helping me with this but it seems he has not accessed the boards in a couple of months. There is something specific about his files that seem to function different from others, specifically in how B Teams are treated. He suggested it may be hardcoding in our messages but I tried it in a few different scenarios and the outcomes are so different - I think it may be a super simple setting somewhere I just don't know where/what it is!

I am using FM19 and am using the two files from Uncle Sam that I've detailed below. I have made a B team in Martinique that is affiliated with a European team. This B team can advance through the Caribbean Cup or whatever it's called, through the CONCACAF, and then qualify for the Copa Sudamericana consistent with how any Non-B Team can.

I cannot, however, replicate this process with any other Continental structure. I have tried the standard database as well as a number of custom dbs. I find that it also works differently with certain domestic leagues. Outside of the 2 or CONCACAF-eligible countries I tried(Martinique and Guatemala) I have otherwise not found any leagues domestic or otherwise where B teams in playable leagues can even advance to the top domestic tier! When I make the B team that is in a top domestic division, they stay there, but cannot qualify for their continental cup.

If anyone has any ideas here I'd greatly appreciate some input. I've found the 'Lower Divisions' area and it's options related to B teams but I have tried essentially every option here with no luck! These options in Uncle Sam's file also seem completely unedited. If anyone has any ideas I'm all ears. Thanks for reading.


Sudamericana File

CONCACAF in the Copa Sudamericana - CONMEBOL used to invite teams from North America to compete in the Copa Sudamericana. That deal ended when CONCACAF changed the format of the Champions League and started scheduling matches in the fall when the Sudamericana was played. Now that the Champions League has returned to playing all of their matches in the spring, there has been some discussion of allowing North American teams in the Sudamericana again. I remember playing in Sudamericana with the older versions of FM and it was a lot of fun, so I built this file that sends the CONCACAF Champions League winners and runner-up to the Sudamericana.


Central American & Caribbean Leagues File

This file adds the national leagues for Belize, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, Jamaica, and Puerto Rico. These are actually updates on claasen's files from the past (so I will remove them if he so wishes but he has apparently taken a break from the scene and did not update these himself so I went ahead and did it). I added these to increase the MLS playing experience by adding some continental leagues and expand the player pool for acquisitions. Also included is the Central American Club championship competition. There are also files for the Champions League and CONCACAF league that adjust how teams are drawn from Costa Rica. The CCL and CL in this file are different from the versions included with the MLS download so you will need to remove those and add these files if you intend on running Costa Rica


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