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graphics question

question ...
Started on 13 November 2010 by kbams
Latest Reply on 18 November 2010 by badboy23
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Is it possible to use png files wich do not have the exact name of id as name and still get fm11 to understand, so far I have only been able to get it to work when image files has exact name of id, however with the number of players now adding up it is becoming increasingly difficult to keep organized? Ideally I would like to append unice id after full name (ie:Walid Atta 614358) but simply cannot get it to work?

Let's say the regular code is like that:

<record from="772" to="graphics/pictures/nation/772/logo"/>

Have you tried this?

<record from="walid atta" to="graphics/pictures/nation/772/logo"/>

The png image in that case should be 'walid atta.png'
Hey stam

Thanks for the reply, unforunatly I have tried that without any success, I also tried with _ instad of spaces in case it was sensative to spaces, however I have not tried case sensative, perhaps it is that? Gonna give it a shot now see how it pans out, brb

Hey man

it is official...I love you man!!!! :-D
I am putting Olympiacos and the greek leauge on my logo list ;-)

Haha! Glad I could help you mate :)

We could potentially collaborate on a logopack in the future, as I want to start producing some packs too. Mainly for myself and the good people here, so we can have our own packs by next year when FM2012 comes. Check out the simple soft touch style I decided to go with here, let me know your thoughts about it.
Hiya stam

Funnily enough I changed all the case to lower case and now it is agin not working so gotta figure out what went different :-(

I like the soft touch one you made, I actually had a run though the forum post yesterday but I have always been partial to no alterations, or at least only ones that make the logos look like other in game logos. Right now I am working on the facepack buissness end since I found that the mega pack was too many random images where I would have prefered no image at all in place of image selected.

Cut-out or another style for the faces?
i do cut out's,

Hi mates, i was wondering if someone can help me finding kits and faces megapacks?
i was able to find logos megapack torrent right away, but it seems i cant find kits and faces for 2011. i know someone will say that i can use files from 2010, unfortunately i formated my PC so everything is lost for me :(
Any links to share with me? tnx in advance
See the right column... there's a box entitled 'popular fm11 downloads'. You'll find faces megapack and logos megapack there, kits megapack is coming soon.
i was talking about torent download since i dont have a premium account, but nevermind ...tnx anyways ;)

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