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Started on 17 November 2010 by jvc9
Latest Reply on 30 December 2010 by Rex_Wrex_Wrecks
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Basically i have played FM for years and I am currently managing AFC Wimbledon, however usually i am not bothered with corner tactics but now i have been promoted to League 2 i am finding it difficult to score....apart from Diego Tristan ;-)! Just wondering if anyone has any tried and tested methods of scoring from corners?


# MLR :
I'm pretty sure they fixed the corner exploit in FM11
On FM11 i have found a tactic that gets me goals or a good chance the majority of the time;

DCR - Neart Post Flick on
ST (either one, prefrebly the strongest striker with the best heading ability)- challenge keeper
DCL - Stand on Far Post

and finally I get the ball delivered into the 6 yard box

if you attempt this I hope it pays off!
I'm playing with Tottenham and my 2nd best scorer is Sebastien Bassong DLC with 20 goals per season, just from corners. He's got jumping 17, heading 16 and he's tall 188 cm. He attacks far post, only he! Both left and right corners go to far post, left corner - left leg, right corner - right leg!


DL & DR - stay back
DCR - attack near post
DCL - attack far post (best heading/jumping)
DMC - lurk outside area (long shots)
AMC - near post flick
MR - right corners (forward)
ML - left corners (forward)
ST - forward
ST - keeper (strong ST)
basicley what the guys above said

prioritise in this order (put the best arial-player at no1, second best at 2, and so on...)

1. flick near post
2. challange keeper
3. far post
4. go deep
5. attck far
6. attack near

put the rest (including the cornertakers) at "stay back if needed"

you can try setting target area as near post or 6 y-box, see wich one works best, glfh !
I use my best header/jumper in the far post and all my corners are set to go there.
I'm playing with Benfica and this tactic is being quite helpful and gave me victories in dificult games, such as SuperCup final against FC Porto by 1-0 with a heading from Fábio Faria at 80th minute (he's by far not my best header) and a 2-0 against Man Utd at Old Trafford with two goals from Luisão and two great defenses from Van der Sar.
Maybe a strong striker challenging the GK could help even more

However i think this tactic fits only good teams (or good corner takers). With Numancia (not such a bad team), in about 10 corners only 2 two reached the head of my far post player and no goals. It may be coincidence since i'm only in the beggining of the game, but it may be not.
The tactic of having the best header at the far post and then putting the corners in the far post works best if you have a good corner taker. Ideally, the person taking your corners should have a Corner attribute of 15 or above.

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