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Take your time?

I think its best that you take your time!
Started on 21 November 2010 by paul1576
Latest Reply on 10 December 2010 by _Man_u_barmy_army_
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i would say that in my experience i tend to do better in FM when I take my time with all parts of the game. From choosing the team, to setting up training, to looking at what players to scout and buy to watching the match, changing the tactic, making subs etc. I find that if i play FM very carfully and not ruch anything I do better and things seem to work out great! Perhaps its just me who finds taking there time best? but one things for sure - oh blimey took too long writing this - must pick the children up!!!
I like to take time to find players during the transfer windows and also during the tactic.
Every year i use to spend about 1 week searching players (ofc i load everything!) and i make several shortlists and notes! :) No rush is the way, for both taking decisions for your club and coaching during the match..
Yup, taking your time to set up a team, especially fine tunning it (tactics, roles and training), imo is the way to get around FM. Of course it takes longer with a new FM or database. The one thing that remains easy and quick is choosing your staff, as most of them are precisely them same from fm10 (for top divisions).
i agree taking your time is always the best way, the thing for me is that i cant! i am impatient and i tend not to take my time in most things outwith the game aswell as in-game so its harder for me to take things slowly and work through everything, tactics and training i have started taking a bit more time doing but when it comes to signing players i tend to just scout player, if they are good enough i will sign them (ino its a bad idea most of the time but i tend to do decently) and when it comes to watching the game i never watch highlights, i select "only commentary" and i only show goals, i dont really know how to use the match analysis thing so i leave it alone.
I agree too, there is no point rushing through a game, I rather like to stay loyal at a club and move on if I want a new challenge or a better opportunity turns up. Playing it although you are in fact the manager of that club and what would you do makes the game more enjoyable. An example of this could be when I was managing a small club somewhere and I went to Bremen I think, and brought my best player in my previous team, he was mediocre / bad for my new team, but I enjoyed playing him and being loyal to my best players.

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