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How to break down opposition using scout and opposition reports

Opposition analysis
Started on 8 August 2021 by MichaelMorris
Latest Reply on 9 August 2021 by CAE
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Hello I really hope you can help me, I’ve been playing football manager for awhile now but I kinda wanna get more in-depth. From match to match I only really change my formation and mentality depending on the team I’m playing.

But now I wanna know how you guys and how I can completely break down the opponents and just out tactic them as much as possible. How do I use the opposition reports and opposition scout reports to my advantage to hopefully dominating and tactically breaking them down.

What formation do I use

How do I set up against teams

How do I exploit their strengths and weakness

How do I exploit their playing style

How do I exploit their player roles

All this type of thing. Just how to get the most of my opposition and scout reports before the match

Many thanks in advanced
What you're asking here is rather complicated as there's little point setting out to exploit a teams weaknesses if you don't have the ability/players to do the job.

What I would recommend is build a team/system that deals with 60-70% of situations & then have/learn the adaptability to cater for the remaining % when your primary set up isn't working as required.

There are certainly things you can learn on teams from opposition scouting reports, I find them rather useful to pick out the players I want to man mark or press more for example but as a rule I like to go in to most matches knowing my base or starting tactic will work a high % of the time.
Very simple place to start is whether to attack down the left/centre/right. Most tactics have one of these focussed and they rarely seem to change. But why would you keep attacking down the flanks if your opposition is very strong there and you’re Getting nowhere?

Scout reports tell you where the opposition concede the most…attack them there. It also says where they score the most…strengthen your team there.

During games keep an eye on the opposition formation. Their right-back booked or on a 6.1? Attack down the left and target him.

Good luck!

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