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Can anyone explain the game logic in Create a Club -> Create a Player?

Struggling to understand if this is overpowered!
Started on 22 October 2021 by JimDiGritz
Latest Reply on 22 October 2021 by gtalnz
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I've always played Create a Club since it was launched.

I've just noticed the Create a Player option in FM22 (but it's probably been there forever!) and was curious about creating a team of potential wonderkid regens...

After playing with it for a little while I'm pretty confused. The only stats that seems to affect the player Value are the Current and Potential Ability.

So I can create a 16 year old CA: 103 and PA:171 and his Budget Value seems realistic at £2m - however his Value isn't affected if I change all his stats to 20 (or put them at 1).

So 2 questions:

1. How can a player with CA: 103 and PA:171 have all attributes of 1? How does that work?
2. Does anyone else use this feature and how do you 'role play' the stats?

Finally, perhaps I should bite the bullet and manually create players in the Editor (when it comes out)

Any thoughts appreciated...
CA is like a budget for attributes.

If your player has a higher CA than his attributes require (e.g. all 1s), then once the game starts you'll see his attributes improve dramatically to catch up to his CA budget.

That's why the attributes aren't affecting the value as much as the CA and PA.

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