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Tactic setting, view mode and match problems

Need helps
Started on 25 November 2010 by leviethung2612
Latest Reply on 25 November 2010 by leviethung2612
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Hi all,
I have some problems here, if someone got these like or know how to fix please tell me.
No.1. I use my own setting for "Set piece" tactic.
E.x: ST-Conner Attack: Challenge Keeper, Conner Defend: Go Back,...; Conner Attack/Defend: Far post, Freekick: Best Header, Throw in: Quick.
But it often automatic come back to the default setting with untick of all setting. It didn't happen with other setting, just only setting of Set Piece. It didn't happen with all position of formation, just 1-2 position but it's random so i have to check my tactic every time before match. And sometimes it changed automatically after match start or after half-time, do substitutes, change player role although i had checked before.

No.2. My Team Squad view mode automatically add more strings to it's name.
I usually use view mode Selection with some more columns added such as Rating, Assist, Fitness for more info to monitor. So it will generate one more view mode named "Copy of Selection" - this is very usual with other version of FM.
But after some click of continue, its name will become Custom:Custom:Custom:...:Custom Copy of Selection. I tried to rename it but it happen again, and got longer and longer.

No.3. When i used some skin downloaded from our site, it always showed all match day info table at the start of every match. To fix it, i use another skin but the problems is not completely fixed. The "match day info" that i needs are My teams rating, My assistant's feedback, Opp team's formation, always move to different position i set at last match. This never happen in FM10. Now i'm using the default Dark skin but it still happen. :(

Althoug h it makes me crazy with the problem No.2&3, i can accept. But it's very inconvenient for me with problem No.1. How can i manage my team with tactic changes from outside that i don't know. Is there anyone here got these problems and know how to fix, please help me. Or at least let me know this's only my own problems or bugs game. Thanks.
1. It's a bug of FM, I've received more reports about it. It's annoying I know.

2. Also seems like an FM issue; I don't mess with the default views so I don't get it.

3. Third party skins are unofficial products, and most of them are not great either. Steklo X1 is easily the best so far. If your problem persists with an official default skin, then something's wrong in general - I'm not sure I understand your problem exactly though.
Thanks for your quick info, Stam.

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