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Things you'd like to see addressed in the upcoming patch

Started on 29 November 2010 by joannes3000
Latest Reply on 30 November 2010 by tongi14
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I noticed the thread discussing the upcoming 11.2 patch and thought to start a wish list of things to update/address in upcoming patches. Maybe SI will take note. :D

Show a coach's opinion of you when they say something to the media

As a matter of convenience, it would be nice to know what an opposing coach's opinion is of me when I reply to something they say prior to a match. If the opposing coach could be friends, for example, I'll give a neutral or positive response. I've gotten some very favorable loans and transfers from opposing teams and when the deal goes through, the coach will state that they allowed the deal to happen because of their friendship with me. If it's a rival coach that has a poor opinion of me, however, I like to say something negative to the press just to irritate the other coach. I also like to question their coaching credentials to help undermine the leadership a bit. ;)

Expand upon the assistant team report

When managing lower league teams, I use this feature a lot to get a gauge on how good my team is going into a higher league of play. It's a whole lot faster than clicking on the coaching reports for each individual player, that's for sure. One thing I'd like to have added is to have my starting eleven evaluated instead of what the game thinks is my best eleven. Often times I'll have a fullback that can also play out wide at midfield. His abilities at left mid are horrible, however, and I have no intention of playing him at that position other than out of extreme emergency. As a result, the team report will have a player with a 1.5 star rating at left midfield and the player that will actually start at left midfield is nowhere to be found.
Good call on the assistant reports, perhaps each position could have a drop down list for 1st,2nd,3rd choice.

You probably already know about it but you can customize your squad view to show the assistants opinion on current and potential ability.

I’d like to see

1. Option where a player isn’t automatically added to subscription when you scout or shortlist him.

2. Option in manager options to set scout reports not to be shown in manager inbox.

3. Improvement to scout reports

When FM11 first came out I was hopeful that genie scout would be released quickly, since then I’ve come to appreciate the challenge of finding and scouting players ingame and the difficult decisions that go with it, now I’m not even sure if I’ll use genie if it comes out. However there are improvements I’d like to see to the scouting.

Whether you get a scout report or 3 match report doesn’t seem to make any difference, I’d like to see an option for each scout where you can ask him to get a read on a players specific personality trait.

For example: information>staff>volfango patarca>trait to identify>professionalism or ambition or controversy etc.

The scout could give you an opinion on his set "trait to identify" in his scout reports. Other hidden attributes that would be more difficult to determine such as consistency, important matches and dirtiness could be gathered through multiple match reports.
ive already had 3-4 crashes to a single save. im hoping this will be fixed now that ive re-installed will give it a go now and see if it happens again. hopefully it will be fixed. if not i will try a new save and see if its fixed. hopefully it will.
Would like to see no more game crashes its very poor in that respect. I think the match engine needs a few tweaks as some of the scorelines have bordered on silly not just by my team but also the results by other teams.
i agree paul, unluckily ive had too many crashes to be able to play a competitive match. but 1-2 friendly matches that i did play had stupid scorelines.

like my first friendly with kaiserslautern vs austria wien, it ended 4-4 with 2 red cards(1 for each team).
Once when I played agains Nielba I won 3-1 and there was 3 red cards(2 for me 1 for them) and it was 1-1 untill my team get 1st red card.
In my Spurs game I beat Man Utd 8-0 in the champions League final, I was 6-0 up after 25mins, not made any modifications to the database either.


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