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What other games...

Started on 12 December 2010 by Evo
Latest Reply on 20 March 2013 by Kane
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I'm wondering if the people of FM Scout play any games other than FM/fifa/pro.

I've recently picked up Black Ops and can't get enough of the zombies mode, 41 rounds is my record.

Some of my favorite games of the past are Metal Gear Solid 3, Oblivion and Mass Effect 1 & 2. I'm really excited that the elder scrolls V has finally been announced, I can't wait!

What are some of your Fav games?
I play NBA Elite 11.
3 favourite games series

Mass Effect,
Assassins Creed

by the way evo if you like mass effect you need to see this
Excellent, mass effect 3 announced already! By far my favorite game series and the story and universe is so amazing. Liked assassins creed as well and bioshock
I play Black Ops too. Along with FIFA 11 and Fallout: New Vegas atm
currently only playing fm and fifa 11. i hv completed black ops and moh campaign..i dont play multi. :D

best games ive played is crysis. cant wait for crysis 2 ! :D
World of Warcraft and just starting Starcraft 2
So where are the times where everyone was playing Defend of the Ancients (DOTA)?:P
For those who don't know what it is,its a map of Warcraft 3 where you and 4 others pick one hero per person and you battle the opposite 5 heroes and trying to destroy their base. Those who played/play Warcraft 3 should be familiar with DOTA i guess:)
I play NBA 2k11, Fifa 11 and sometimes SuperFrog (lol) :)))
i love GTA series,

COD series are great but i would expect more from Black Ops, MW 2 was a lot better!

Fifa,all the time!

BattleField Bad Company, MOH 2010, Batman Arkham Asylum, Bully recently i played.

i hated Mafia 2, they betrayed Mafia game.

and the worst game in the world is Kane&Lynch 2.first game was great but they really screwed up in the second.
I play PES and NBA 2k on PS3. Recently bought the latest Tomb Raider because it was on sale for only 9 EUR on PlayStation Store.

I like God Of War series on PS3, as well as Prince Of Persia series on PC. I'm also an old time fan of Resident Evil series, and at the moment I'm playing again RE4 on PC while I'm still on holidays.
I play COD MW2, fifa 11 and God Of War 3.
Fifa 11, Black Ops, Fallout first one
JRPG lover here Final Fantasy series(all except FF 10-13, they are a humiliation to the past FF games) Tales games are the best!
Also plays black ops, FIFA 11, and Starcraft II.
Gran Turismo 5

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