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What other games...

Started on 12 December 2010 by Evo
Latest Reply on 20 March 2013 by Kane
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Black Ops and Fifa 11 are the only other 2 games i play.
everybody should try Battlefield: Bad Company 2, just pure magic, find it so much better then MV2 and Black Ops (and yes, I have those aswell, and played them quite a bit), but they juts can't match the excitment BC creates !
PES and GT5 im playng most at the minute, I just borrowed the latest Medal of Honour to do story mode, Cant be chewed playing those sort of games online, I get killed about every 30 seconds by kids who spend 20 hours a day playing online.
This was just the thread I was looking for!!

I don't know how many of you can call themselves gamers, but I surely see myself as one!
And my question was precisely what other games do you play, other genres, anything!!

Right now I'm playing Fable III, which I can tell by now it's a piece of cow DUNG!! nothing compared to the 1st of the series, The Lost Chapters.

Also playing Portal 2 which I consider one strong candidate to game of the year, it's astonishing!

Anno 1404, Age of Empires III (all expansions), Dragon Age Origins (all expansions and DLC), Settlers 7 and Magic the Gathering Duels of the Planeswalkers are some of the games I've been playing!

What about you ?

ps: also 8ball pool on miniclip :D
Currently playing Uncharted Waters Online and Starcraft 2 mainly.
# Zamza : Currently playing Uncharted Waters Online and Starcraft 2 mainly.

I've seen Starcraft and its awesome, although I don't like futuristic games i must recognize a good game when i see it!!! The other one I don't know!
# Zamza : Currently playing Uncharted Waters Online and Starcraft 2 mainly.

Can't wait for the SC2 expansion!
# joannes3000 : Can't wait for the SC2 expansion!

Me either, I can't wait for the new units in multiplayer.
Final Fantasy VII
Also FIFA 10, 11, and WC
I play NBA 2K11, Black Ops and Fifa 11
Just finished watching a bunch of videos from E3. Skyrim is gonna be absolutely amazing, Far Cry 3 looks good and I'm looking forward to Mass Effect 3
Bought the latest map pack for black ops the other day and can't get enough of the new zombies map, round 23 is my best so far. Any other zombies addicts here? My 360 gamertag is Evo Evo
I played Sttubs the Zombie, a small game but extremely entertaining, kind of an "eat'em'up" game where you eat human brains to survive!

Then you have Dead Rising, which is fun, but a little annoying because every mission has a time limit, and there's no possible way to complete them all! Since I'm a natural perfectionist, I got bored of not being able to complete all missions :/

Black Ops and every game of the COD series are just the limit when it comes to FPS games, there's no game like those!!! Simply the best :D
Can't wait for Skyrim to come out!

Fm12 will have real battle on its hands to drag me away from this game.
As well as Football Management Games I play the Tiger Woods PGA Tour Golf Game. Unfortunately the Game has gone downhill recently EA having decided to drop the CD/DVD versions for the PC and introduce an Online version. This has turned the Game into a Cashcow for them because as well as having to purchase a Yearly Membership everything used to play the Game has to be purchased using points which are sold to Members. The DVD versions were a lot better.

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