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Auction Game

I will be running an auction game
Started on 3 January 2011 by Molineux
Latest Reply on 29 April 2011 by MpDi
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Mick McCarthy - 50 Million!

Just kidding

# Evo : Mick McCarthy - 50 Million!

Just kidding


Do not joke about Mick ;)
Do we have to bid here or PM you?
PM me so no-one else knows what you have bid :)
If I don't get anyone from my bids I will be thoroughly disappointed.
Thanks to those that have made bids. If you haven't please do within the next 26 hours or so!
NO way to enter any other teams at this time, right?!?
If we are supposed to bid how will we know if someone has outbid us? We cant bid extra for a player only to find no one bid for him, and could have got him for the base price.
That's all part of the game! You have to be cunning! If you do bid too much, that's unlucky! I will announce the results at the end of the auction round (in 14 hours). It's like a silent auction in the real world
MpDi, not at the moment, but if someone drops out, you can be first reserve.
@chamill, you're supposed to PM the bids so no-one can see them and outbid by just 1 mill :) I'll accept the bid but I'd remove the post for your own good :)
DOes pm mean send a privat message to you?
Yeah, just private message them to me each time
I now have bids from 6294, Redalert, MLR and Evo.

Tom BcFC, Mr Cornelly, Hayes, Macdab55 and Chamill747, PM your bids me ASAP.


I need to know you are committed to this before we continue.

TomBcFc has dropped out, so there is one free place. If anyone wants to join, post your details (as described in first post) and make your bids!

Can the others yet to bid please respond to my PM!

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