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Golden Ball Award 2010

Started on 10 January 2011 by ruipedro89
Latest Reply on 11 January 2011 by l3nnart
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Messi won the FIFA Golden Ball Award 2010 with 22,65% of the votes. Iniesta came second with 17,36% and Xavi completed the podium with 16,48% of the voting poll.

But, what about Sneijder? Diego Milito?

Who would you give the FIFA Golden Ball Award to?
I would give Sneijder because he have won Serie A, Champions League, Italian Cup and came 2nd in World Cup and in my opinion he played really well in 2010.
Messi or Xavi.
Yes Sneijder won a lot of cups but he had a disastrous second part of the year.
He won everything possible to win - though second in the world cup - and played an essential role in every one of those competitions
Serie A, Italian cup, Champions league, World Club Championship and second in the World Cup.
What else do you want?
Now Messi.
He won La liga, he won, oh wait, nothing..
Sure he played well, extremely well, no one disagrees with that. But come on..
(Oh and not unimportantly, have you seen Sneijders wife O_o)
I would give the golden ball to Sneijder too. Messi is a outstanding player but in my opinion the best player of the world must win the most important competitions. Sneijder is outstanding too and won almost everything in 2010. Messi didn't.
LOL at the wife comment
I think the golden ball is for players who play well throughout the season(I could be wrong since there's also a player of the year) and not whoever wins more.

I think I'm wrong(maybe), any other opinions?
messi was definitely the right choice.
but other than that the voting was a joke...
özil 14th and robben with the same amount of points...what a joke.

also van gaal last in the MotY-vote...
i say it's simple, messi is the worlds best player, how ever, as far as I understand, the prize should go to whom ever preformed at the highest level in 2010, and that man was sneijder... he was the machine behind Inters offensive game (sure Milito scored most of the goals), but there Sneijder alnoe played the part of Xavi and Iniesta in the WINNING team... and in the world-cup he was outstandig, along with forlan... I mean, he alnoe scored more goals and got more assists than all three of the finlalist together... But what upsets me the most is the hype around Iniesta and Xavi in the world cup, the one man that pulled spain through all the way to the semis by himself was Villa... if you take away his goals they would onley have won 3 out of the games, whilst if you take away everyoneelses the would still onley have lost three... It's ridiculos how everybody say that they are the heart and soul of spain, sure, they pass the ball more then anyone else, but they don't make goals happen, they onley scored 2 goals though their passinggame, one against Chile and the one in the final... I'm so sick and tierd of hearing all the bullshit around these to players... I would like to see Barca without Messi and Spain without Villa and then see how good those two really are

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