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Youth Players

How do I get better youth players?
Started on 18 February 2011 by clarky30
Latest Reply on 2 March 2011 by Cruz
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I see Man U, Chelsea, Man City and a few other "big boys" always get great youth players. How do I go about "getting" great youth players for my team?

I am in season 3 of my West Ham game and I would like to limit my need to spend all of my money just to place 15th in the EPL.
Try to upgrade your youth recruacent.
How do I upgrade my youth recruitment?

Forgive the noob questions. I am just starting to get into the game now.
# clarky30 : How do I upgrade my youth recruitment?

Forgive the noob questions. I am just starting to get into the game now.

Make a boardroom request.
You'll have to click on 'Boardroom' and ask the board if they will upgrade this for you, you may find that 'Youth Academy' and 'You Facilities' are blanked out therefore meaning you cannot ask the board this for one reason or another; if this is the case then you will just have to wait :)
after you request the upgrade on your youth facilities, another thing that can help to "forge" wonderkids is the tutoring system, ask one of your older and experienced player to help in the development of a respective youth!

you can also loan your youths to other clubs, this boosts the development of their mental attributes and could also be used to add a nationality to a non E.U. player, like an african or a japanese!
Also make sure you've got a couple of great youth coaches, when I did a couple of seasons with Bradford, I didn't have particular good academy but managed to get a couple of half decent coaches, that worked too...
Expanding your youth player recruitment and then sending the good ones on loan to smaller clubs actually works great for me without having to pay for better standards of youth coaches and academy
your scouts are the key..

If you don't manage a top team then you won't get every year 4-5 real talents, you gotta sign them; get a scout with high ratings for spotting player ability, potential & determination; (a scout who has great "player-potential-spotting" abilities but has poor "player-ability-spotting" -> is useless.. gotta have them both)

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